‘To Board or Not to Board?’ The Parents’ Dilemma


When you start looking for a school for your child, you may often hold back from the idea of a boarding school. It is because there still are numerous myths that put the reputation of boarding schools in a bad light. However, there is much more to the story. Make sure you begin your research with an unbiased opinion, as boarding schools can positively transform your child’s life beyond measure. It is primarily because boarding schools focus on self-dependence and discipline that is needed for a successful life. You can check for a boarding school in Delhi with fees online and compare to find the best fit. Reputable schools such as Genesis Global School offer residential amenities with modern infrastructure and facilities of home-like stay to students.

As a parent, it is natural to have mixed feelings about sending your child to a boarding school,

but take a look at few of the benefits that are too hard to ignore:

Fewer Distractions

Boarding schools allow students to exclusively focus on their studies and overall development as they are far from home. There is steady monitoring on the use of the internet, television and mobile phone to help students take out time for everything. A supervised educational environment leads to both the social and academic growth of students. Concentration is necessary to let students achieve success and excellence in life. Make sure you check different boarding schools in Delhi with fees before making the final decision. 

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Fosters Independence

Strong social skills are the most significant byproduct of life in a boarding school. Students tend to develop maturity and independence, overcome their fears and create lifelong companionship. Students don’t just have to manage their studies; they learn how to live and deal with other people despite the differences. Boarding school is a transformative experience for children in learning to communicate with others, something a lot of students may not get until college. Make sure you get all the relevant information regarding boarding school in Delhi with fees to ensure you choose the best option.

Wide Variety of Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Since students spend all of their time in school, they get a lot of time to explore themselves and their talent. There is a lot more to a boarding school than just academics. Along with excellent infrastructure for sports & extracurricular activities, they get ample opportunities to practice and play various sports and make a career out of it. All students are encouraged to take part in various sports and co-curricular activities. While looking for the right school for your child, check the boarding school in Delhi with fees online for ease of the process. It will also help you stay financially prepared when you select a school. 

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 Quality Academics

High-quality academics is one known aspect of boarding school in Delhi with fees that is affordable. They have an excellent reputation for grooming students to inculcate self-discipline and reliance, enable keen intellectual development and unique work alongside academic skills. 

Boarding facilities also offer supervised study sessions to students to ensure that they have access to all the help needed for homework. It also empowers teachers to be able to concentrate on each student, especially those who may be having a hard time coping with academics with the appropriate guidance. Moreover, students can also freely interact with the teachers and approach them as they are available on campus throughout the day.

Choose What’s Best for Your Child

Your child staying away from home might seem like a big decision to you at first but the benefits a boarding school offers will make your child prepared for the real world. Moreover, they will have an unforgettable experience with some lifelong friends during their stay at a boarding school. You can get all the information regarding boarding school in Delhi with fees on individual school websites. You must have faith in the whole process and go for a school that means something to you and the values you want your child to inculcate.