IPL 2021: Is Covid-19 the only reason for leaving IPL?


Some so many players are coming out from the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. Leaving the cricket at the time of an ongoing match is a matter of risk. As we know, the second wave is spreading very quickly in India. This is hampering the performance of the team and sponsorships. The IPL 2021 was started on 9th April 2021. Foreigner cricket has the fear of travel bans, so some of them choose to leave. There is a devastating impact of covid-19 in the second wave in India. Everyone does not want to see death in front of their eyes so people are saving their life as much as they can do. 

Till now, there is one national player along with four international players who have exited the IPL 2021 which is taking place at six major Indian cities. Most Australian players exit from the match such as on Monday, Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson from Royal Challengers Bangalore’s left the match. They went back to their home Australia. These two players are the latest ones who exit currently. Some more players like Andrew Tye, fast bowler of Rajasthan Royals’ team. Andrew Tye is the first player who left the match first owing to his personal problems. All-rounder player of Rajasthan Royals’, Liam Livingstone came back last week to England. Among the all players who left IPL, there is the only player named Ravichandran Ashwin, a good off-spinner of Delhi Capitals has officially cited covid-19 of his withdrawal from the match. 

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According to a PTI report, one of the cricketers spoke to SEN Radio from Doha and he has quoted “There were several reasons (behind his exit), but the main one was with the situation that has started to happen back home in Perth with a lot of cases in-home quarantine coming out of India. Now, there’s a community case in Perth, governments are trying to restrict the numbers coming back in, especially Western Australia. The bubble fatigue was also a factor.” So from the quotation, we can understand that both the situation and fear of the cricketer’s ban to their country are the main reasons for leaving the IPL this year. 

Due to the pathetic condition of India of Covid-19, many countries are putting a lot of restrictions on who is coming back to the country from India. It is becoming tougher to come out from India because many countries are banning flights from India such as UAE, Singapore, New Zealand, the Uk, and Canada. Even, Australia has reduced their flights to 30% from India. As cases are reaching the peak every coming day so it can be some more restrictions and actions will introeuce in future.

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The list of players who have pulled out of IPL 2021 till now are as follows:-

  • Kane Richardson and Adam Zampa
  • Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Liam Livingstone and Andrew Tye
  • Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes
  • Mitchell Marsh
  • Josh Hazlewood
  • Josh Philippe


We can conclude that most of the cricketers leaving due to the spreading of covid-19 quickly. Some are leaving due to personal problems. Some have fear of banning the flights. Overall, the pandemic is the main reason.