Indian movies of all times for kids: 6 Must-Watch


There are many movies that adults can watch, but for kids, the content is minimal. Also, the kid’s content is a big responsibility as the content has to be of the right kind, informative, and something that teaches them. So, here is a list of Indian movies of all times for kids.

Bumm Bumm Bole:

Belonging to a low class, Pinu and Rimzim get just enough to continue their school education. One day Pinu misplaces his younger sister Rimzim’s school shoes at a vegetable shop. They are left with only Pinu’s school shoes. The movie tells how they both switch using the only pair they have to keep away from getting punished at school. They also hide the truth from their father until he can afford to buy new ones. A story so simple and yet so moving cherishes the brother-sister bond. It would help if you showed it to your kid. The story teaches the value of money.


A lot of young children are afraid of ghosts and stuff. Bhoothnath is one of the best films in that area. Not only it is funny, but it also teaches kids to be mischievous in their way without troubling anyone. The story is of a boy named Banku, who moves to a big house with his parents. Soon, his father goes away for his job. Banku and his mother start to hear rumours about their new home being haunted. And one day, Banku does find a ghost. Amitabh Bachchan! The film takes a hilarious turn from there.

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Stanley ka Dabba:

Stanley is a normal schoolboy with one problem. He does not carry tiffin. He is favourite among the other kids, who eagerly share their tiffins with him. However, it means less food for their Hindi teacher Babubhai Verma who forces children to share tiffins. When Babubhai discovers Stanley’s secret, he corners him and threatens him to be thrown out of the school if he doesn’t bring tiffin. While other kids praise their mother’s food, Stanley, who has no mother, is left with the void of not having a proper family. Stanley stays with his uncle and works in a hotel as child labour. The film portrays more delicate elements of child psychology when Stanley invents his mother taking inspiration from Mary. This utterly moving film is honest and becomes a must-watch Indian movie of all times for kids.

Chillar Party:

This infamous tag is knowingly and unknowingly given to all the kids in India. Someone will casually say ‘Chillar Party’ to a group of children playing especially noisily. It is mainly used to showcase how little difference the ChillersChillers (change money coins) in our pockets make as they are less valuable, yet, make more noise and are heavy. The movie uses the exact phrase to beat this thinking. A group of children, leaving in a peaceful co-operative, adopt a street dog. But when a cruel politician makes a new rule to capture all street dogs, the children launch a movement against them. The movie has fun elements in it. It charmingly showcases child psychology and innocence. Your kid will enjoy the film with his friends.

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I am Kalam:

Education is an eternal process, and life is the best teacher. Nothing reinstates this as I am Kalam does. This is the story of poor little Chotu. Chotu works at a Dhaba with no means of education. He comes to know about the former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Motivated by him, Chotu changes his name to Kalam. With his childish innocence, he changes the lives of many who visit the Dhaba. The movie showcases a child’s unparallel curiosity and thirst for learning.

Taare Zameen Par:

This movie almost brought a revolution in India. It was an eye-opener on dyslexia. Nobody spoke about dyslexia in India before this. Even though a considerable amount of children suffered from it. The movie tells the story of a notorious kid named Ishaan, an avid painter who has dyslexia. His daily habits being in contrast to his intelligent and excelling elder brother, Ishaan faces the pressures of his brother’s achievements. He is often overshadowed. His dyslexia is taken as bad mannerisms by his father who forces him to a boarding school as punishment. Ishaan becomes disturbed, unable to understand his disorder and his parents and teachers behaviour until a young art teacher comes into the school. He discovers Ishaan’s disorder and helps him recover from it.

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So, this is the list of Indian movies of all times for kids. Watch all of them, and you won’t regret it.