Enjoy A Dinnerly Meal Kit Delivery to Your Home At an Affordable Price


Are you struggling to decide on how to prepare a fantastic dinner for your family? Then Dinnerly is there for you, with delicious meals you can make quick and simple steps. Dinnerly will save you from tedious shopping and planning your meals. You will have a chance to choose from a variety of recipes every week.

Easy Steps To Access your Meal

You can quickly get your dinnerly meal kit delivery box to your home in four simple steps.

  • Pick a box
  • Pick your recipes and your day of delivery.
  • Make your payment, and Dinnerly delivers your order in an insulated box.
  • You receive your meal and cook with the feel of a chef and enjoy your fantastic dinner.

Advantages of Using Dinnerly

  • You pay less
  • Easy, simplified approach
  • Digital recipe cards instead of paper
  • Simplified meals which mean less chopping and cleaning
  • Simple packaging with no unnecessary marketing campaigns
  • You can choose when to receive a delivery box. You have an option of skipping weeks.
  • Dinnerly delivers good recipes and fresh ingredients to your home or your place of choice if you are busy.
  • Dinnerly meal kit costs less than other recipe kits. You can get a meal from as low as $4.69, adult-sized serving.
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Variety of Diet Types 

Dinnerly provides various broad categories of diets you can choose from

  • Fish diets
  • Meat diets
  • Veggie diet plans
  • Low carb diet plans
  • Dairy-free diet plans
  • Protein-Packed meals
  • Gluten-free diet plans
  • Kids friendly diet plans
  • Delicious low-calorie delicious meals

Reason Why Dinnerly Costs Less

  • Dinnerly uses digital cards instead of costly paper cards.
  • Dinnerly meal kit uses fresh and quality ingredients but applies a more simplified approach. 
  • It uses fewer ingredients per meal which means lesser chopping and cleaning for you.
  • The packaging is simple and does not include fancy marketing content, hence making it cheap.

Selecting a Box

  • You can select a box for two or a family box of four. You also can choose the number of meals per week, either 3,4,5, or 6 meals per week, making it easy to plan for a whole week.
  • For vegetarians, you have the option of making your box vegetarian tick.
  • Choosing Your Delivery Day
  • Dinnerly gives you an option to choose a delivery day and the most appropriate time for you. 
  • Then you have to confirm your payment method.
  • Finally, you choose your meals from a variety of choices.
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Dinnerly Menu

  • It’s fun to select your meal at Dinnerly. Your choice of taste will direct Dinnerly to make suggestions for you. You choose all the flavours you like including all kinds of meat, and whether you prefer spicy foods or not. You have about 16 meals to choose from with a mix of both meat and veggies. The labels indicate the presence of allergens if any.
  • Dinnerly acquires its poultry from a list of trusted sources free from antibiotics. Chefs have some meals specially made for occasions such as Christmas.
  • Dinnerly gives you the option of making a special dessert for breakfast. The preparation may include baking, and it can take about one hour.

Dinnerly Delivery

From a cheap affordable delivery service, the deal is good. Dinnerly ensures you receive fresh food. Even when you are not available to receive the food, the insulated delivery boxes keep your food cool the whole day.

In the box, Dinnerly only provides the necessary, no fancy extra items in the box, which keeps the cost down and affordable.


Dinnerly recipes are mouthwatering recipes designed by qualified chefs. There are several options for Chinese cuisines every week, which is attractive considering that Dinnerly is cheap. The digital cards will provide you with all the recipe information you need to prepare your meals to the end. To prepare each recipe might take 10 minutes and a total of about 40 minutes to have your dinner ready to eat. Having a cheap, delicious meal that takes a short time to prepare is a good deal.

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Dinnerly offers a wide range of meals that are cheap and affordable. It also provides some special meals such as gluten-free meals and dairy-free meals at the same affordable rates. Dinnerly is suitable for those who want to prepare meals without going out shopping and planning for meals but at a lower price. Get a good dinner meal from Dinnerly at a low cost.