Best Linux Based OS


If you are wondering whether Linux based system is perfect for your business? It is time to judge the features of this open software that can allow businesses to get an edge in the competitive market. The current business economy suggests that you have a system which is affordable and instead of running servers that crash immediately, you will have the opportunity to save money on business operations. Thus, Linus is more like an OS that serves as a cushion for your business.

Let us have a look at the best Linus based OS and how they can help run your business.

  • Fedora

This operating system is not only user-friendly but it is easy to install. With this OS having all the features that your business may require, this operating system is ideal for new business users. It can be easy for you to learn this system and its components to get a view of the Linus based operating systems.

  • Debian

If you have not heard of this name, it is time to check the features of this Linux based software for your business. The stability of this operating system makes it an ideal system for your business. You ask for a feature and you get it handy for your business operations to run smoothly.

  • Linux Mint
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This operating system is considered to be the best and the best replacement for Windows. An integrated system in which the features are put together nicely, you have everything that you ever wanted for your business regardless of the size of its operations.

  • Ubuntu

A lot of you must have heard about this software but have hardly ever pondered on this option. For a beginner, this Linux based operating system is the best choice. With a wealth of opportunities for documentation this system has benefited a stream of business owners.

  • Raspbian

This is an operating system which is free and equipped with features and utilities that have been specially designed for the ease of users. The truth is that it is more than just an operating system and it is no wonder that this software is now being used by people that are looking for convenience.

  • Zoring OS

With great speed and ability, this software has come to be the most popular among business users. While it looks and sounds great, the functioning is similar to that of Windows. For some business users, this is the best Linus based operating system that they have ever used for running their business smoothly.

  • Linux Lite
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Whether you are at home, in the workplace or your kids are keen to play game, this operating system is easy to use and you have a system which comes with a fully-operational Office suite. This system allows you socialize, have an organized system in the office. With low memory, this system is ideal for playing games that has currently caught up in the young generation.

  • Red Hat

When you have a new Linux based operating system you need to make the most of it. With a multitude of efforts, you have multiple features while installing this system in your machine. When you are planning to run a business, it will be easier for you to carry on with the business operations when you have this system that comes with stability and consistency.

  • Arch Linux

Much like the name, this is probably the most articulated among the operating systems that work on Linux. While you have the benefits of installing things that you need, this system works fast in laptops, provides the opportunity of having a set of customized features and has a superb infrastructure for management.

  • Slackware Linux
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This is one of the best operating systems that have been in existence for long. With a stringent adherence to the principles of UNIX and free from bugs, it is one of the most preferred options for business. This is largely stable software that has benefited scores of business owners across the globe.

  • openSUSE

This system is loaded with a large number of software packages and is a comprehensive tool. Along with the facility of documentation, this operating system comes with the finest infrastructure.

The last tip

The popularity of Linux based operating systems is targeted towards the convenience of running businesses with smooth and easy features that are user-friendly.