Auto Repairs And Maintenance You Can Do Yourself


If you own a vehicle, you’ll need to prioritize car care on an ongoing basis. Certain vehicle repairs and maintenance are not tricky, and quite often, you don’t even need to get your hands dirty. Many of these tasks require little to no mechanical expertise but only a little effort and the right tools.  

Doing some of these DIY tasks can save money, and you may find that developing some basic auto mechanic skills can save you from a lot of driving troubles as well. 

If you want to save money or learn something new, we’ve listed the auto maintenance and repair tasks you can try on your own. 

Minor Dents 

If you have some money to spend on a hammer and dolly set, which is not pricey, you could repair some minor dents yourself. Trying this out will require some physical labor, but removing minor dents yourself can save you a small fortune on panel beating services. 

However, depending on the damage, you may repair the dent, but you will still need to send the recently restored part for a new paint job. Nevertheless, you can also attempt a repaint yourself. Online resources can guide you in the process of repainting a vehicle.  

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Repairing the dent yourself can drastically reduce the cost of auto body repairs. A significant part of getting a hammer and dolly kit is the fact that it can last a lifetime, and when you have done it a few times, you may be able to help friends repair minor dents on their cars too. 

Air Filter 

Replacing the air filter is one of the simplest maintenance tasks that one can do on a vehicle. Ideally, you should replace the air filter every 30,000 miles. However, it’s best to check the component periodically, and if it’s black with gunk and dirt, it should be changed.  

Replacing the air filter requires a flat screwdriver and a new filter. The air filter location is found in the vehicle maintenance book, and you unclip the cover and place the new one.  

But before you change the filter, there is an arrow on the air filter that should always face the housing box. If it is the opposite way, your vehicle will struggle to get air, and this can cause damage. 

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Replace Blown Fuses 

Everything in your vehicle has a fuse that needs to make a connection. If you find anything in your car that isn’t working, the first thing a professional looks at is the fuse box. However, the fuse box location varies depending on the vehicle model.  

It is simple to find using the vehicle’s manual, or a Google search can be helpful. By changing the fuses yourself, you will need a new fuse that is relatively cheap and easy to find at hardware stores or spare shops. All you need to do is open the fuse box, locate the fuse that has blown, and replace it with a fuse that is the same color and amperage.  

Usually, a tiny little set of pliers is kept in the fuse box designed to remove a fuse with ease. Although, if a fuse has blown a few times in a short period, you may need professional assistance to find the fault. 

Replacing Windshield Wipers 

Many drivers often overlook the wipers, but this item is detrimental to driving safely during rainy seasons. Because wipers are made from rubber and degrade faster because they’re exposed to the elements all the time, it’s recommended to change them at least once a year.  

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It is simple to change wipers. You can request a new set from an auto dealer. You can unclip the wipers without any tools. Then you slide out the old ones and slide in the new ones. It’s a job that can take a couple of minutes, and by doing it yourself, you can save money. 

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, you need to remember never to try something new when you feel unsure. Specific maintenance and repairs, if done incorrectly, can increase safety risks, such as changing the brakes incorrectly. 

In addition, many auto repairs and maintenance tasks need specialized tools, such as changing vehicle shocks and several others. So, even though there are several maintenance and repair tasks that you can manage on your own with minimal auto mechanic knowledge, you will still need to prioritize routine vehicle services.  

Your vehicle’s manual will advise a suitable period for regular services. This period is typically every six months. In some cases, the mileage will determine service frequency.