5 reasons why a guy should have a girl best friend


Small courtesies sweeten life, the greater ennoble it.” — Bovee

Friendship is an intangible asset that is known to have worked wonders. To wave the baton of magic and counteract the irritants in daily life, one must duly have the deserving friends. To make a routine occasion a pleasing one, one must have a girl best friend. To rise above the mundane and deliver high octane performance, be it in office, in college or in every walk of life, a girl best friend is a ‘must have.’

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Digging deep into the details, this article embodies the quote – “A girl best friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself”. Here are 5 genuine reasons why a guy should have a girl best friend:

  1. Insightful talks and the moments of silence:

In an age of vaunted technology, rather than the hasty scrawls on odd scraps of paper, a girl best friend often throw some light on delightful moments of life. The insightful conversation helps a guy to realize who he is and what he is up to. If modern conditions can desiccate our mundane life and if it is any wonder that we are able to snatch a few lively moments, the merit and credit goes to the insightful talks and moments of silence that we share with girl best friend.

  1. Fine-tuning your satires:
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Let me quote a witty saying of W. Somerset Maugham – “A little commonsense, a little tolerance, a little good humor and you don’t know how comfortable you can make yourself on this planet.” Well, the art of cultivating humor is never a pushover. However, your girl best friend will always bring reasons to smile and I assert, you shall relish the opportunities of throwing satires on anything and everything. However, there is something more than it meets eye- She fine-tunes it and relishes trying on you…. 😉

  1. Your constant source of entertainment:

Are you downhearted and despondent? At the drop of the heart, your girl best friend tries her best to obviate the feelings of despondency. She comes to your rescue to bring cheers and truckloads of confidence. Well, this is something in store for the truly deserving!

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  1. Raillery:

More often than not, guys tease their girl best friends with good humored raillery. This is a job of infinite variety that spices up and peps up the most mechanical chores. She alone knows your special requirements, tries her best to meet them. This close proximity is hard to miss. The humorous fights and the grievances are met in a ‘rise above mundane’ manner to add a dash of color to life.

  1. Pursuit of excellence:
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If you are an aspiring blue blooded guy contemplating to make tremendous strides in your workplace or career and determined to usher in a new vigor, she is there to guide you. The pursuit of excellence, as they say is fleeting. However, she ensures that you are well versed with your career plans only to succeed and relish the delicacy of victory. You may try your hands at shopping and master culinary skills by counting on her. She is indeed a small courtesy, gifted by God to ennoble your life!