5 Reasons To Buy A Folding Knife 


    Whilst the popularity of carrying a pocket knife has decreased over the years, it is still an essential tool to have at your fingertips. Here are 5 reasons why you should keep a folding knife by your side. 

    First Aid 

    From cutting bandages to extracting splinters or thorns from the skin, a folding knife is a great asset to any first aid kit. You could even use a folding Karambit to cut wood to create a makeshift splint in an emergency situation. Need to get clothing off someone quickly in an emergency situation? Then using a pocket knife is the perfect way to do it. 

    Wild Camping 

    There’s camping, and then there’s wild camping. If pitching up your tent in the wilderness rather than a campsite is your thing, then a folding pocket knife is a great tool to have with you. It can help with cutting kindling to build a fire, opening tinned cans of food to cook, and slicing and eating fruit such as apples and pears. It’s also great for cutting wire or string if you need a washing line whilst camping. If you needed to stay clean cut whilst wild camping, you could even use the knife to shave. 

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    Opening Boxes & Letters 

    If you get a lot of parcels delivered to your door, or even just letters, then having a folding knife to hand is essential. It is a nice and easy way to get into your parcels with damaging fingernails or reaching for the kitchen scissors. It is also great for opening bottles if you don’t have a bottle opener handy. Having a BBQ on the beach with friends but forgot the bottle opener? Then your trusty pocket knife is the perfect tool to save the day. 

    In Case Of Emergency 

    We don’t want to think of the worst happening, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared just in case it does. Having a folding knife to hand is a no brainer in situations where you may need to free yourself or others from a car seat belt, such as a sinking car or a car on fire. It can also be very helpful cutting a dog free from its lead or collar if it has got itself into a dangerous situation. If you are in the kind of situation where you need to attract attention from afar, you could also use the blade to reflect the sun and act as a distress signal. 

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    If you are big on DIY and doing things around the home, then a folding knife is a great tool for you. You can strip wire, cut wire, cut rope, and open paint tins to name but a few things. You can also use it to cut vinyl tiles, score drywall, and carve wood. 

    There are so many uses and reasons why you should add a folding knife to your list of everyday essentials. Whether you are going to use it just around the house or out and about, the list of things it could help with is endless.