5 OC castes fighting for OBC status!!! Are their demands worth?


The castes in India were divided and categorized depending on the work they do and their economical stature. The constitution when amended in the year 1950 it clearly mentioned that there should be equality among unequal. It was then the reservations in jobs and education sector has come into picture with a good intention to help the deprived people. However, it was supposed to be removed from the constitution within 20 years of amendment. With years passing by the reservations got increased and more and more castes were been added into the list. In 1990, the then Prime minister of India Mr. VP Singh has accepted and approved the commission report of former Bihar chief Minister BP Mandal proposing 27% reservations for OBC in the central and state government jobs. The commission report was actually accepted after 10 years of its submission.

Things are not same with times in our country. Public sector jobs offers much security and comfort lives when compared to private sector in our country. It is also analysed that the average pay per day in private sector is 265 rupees and where as in public sector it is 697 rupees. This figures itself states why present generation wants a government job. So the million dollar question is how does reservations help them ? In a country with 1.2 billion of population the caste speaks more than anything. The higher castes are in a plea that they weren’t getting any jobs even they performed well but those castes in OBC are getting jobs in-spite of poor performance. The OC castes also states that they don’t actually posses the riches as they were said to be. Well, whatever the reservations fight has actually turned into violence and lead to chaos pushing a common nowhere related person into trouble. These are those 5 OC castes which wants them to list into OBC.

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Jats – Haryana 

Jats are said to be economically and politically good to do caste in Haryana. They have their presence in some parts of UP and Rajasthan too. Jats are landlords but due to urbanization Jats have gave up the cultivation. They are more than 27% in Haryana and demanding for OBC status in both state and Central. Their agitation is being leaded by Akhil Bharathiya Jat Aarakshan Sangharshan Samiti. It was estimated more than 30,000 crores of peoples money has been destroyed or stolen during the recent agitation.


Marathas – Maharashtra 

They are more than 30% of population in the state. Unlike to other OC castes Marathas are mostly into salaried jobs. So a better education is what they think will fetch them jobs. In accordance to that, they have been fighting for 25% of reservation in both educational institutions and job sectors. They have been given reservation by Sharadh Pawar during the NCP-Congress regime but High court has struck the plea.

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Patels – Gujarath 

Patels are actually considered to be the second highest caste in Gujarath after Marwadis. Patels are also landlords but they have lost most of their lands because of the development and urbanization. They demand to add them to the OBC list. There was a month long agitation led by a 22-year student Hardik patel which has turned into mishap in some places of Gujarat


Kapu – Andhra Pradesh 

Kapu’s use to be in the BC list until 1986 and from then they were being considered as OC. Kapu’s are prominently good to do people both economical and politically. They comprise of more than 15% of Andhra Pradesh population and are mostly into farming. As these days cultivation is not actually turning up to be good they started to concentrate on salaried jobs. Their main demand is to provide them reservations in state and central. The recent agitation has turned violent.

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Brahmins – Kerala 

Brahmins of Kerala demand minority status. They comprise of 8% of the population in Kerala and many of them are poor. Though they haven’t started any agitation they have been fighting on this from years and this could turn out to be massive at any point of time.


In India it is always a hot topic to discuss whether the reservations should be there or not. It is better to propose reservations in accordance to economical status than on caste basis.