5 Most common interview questions with answers.


No matter for which job you are applying for there are some common interview questions that are usually asked in almost every job interview.

If you will prepare the answers to these questions before your interview then you will feel less anxious in the interview and you will also increase your chances of getting selected for the job.

Following is the list of common interview questions and their answers which will help you.

1. Tell me something about yourself:

This is the most common interview question which is asked almost everywhere. Although the question is simple but many people get confused and feel anxious when they hear it. In order to answer this question, you do not have to tell your whole life story.

All you have to tell is a brief introduction of yourself and a little of your work or study experience. It is better to prepare for this question before you go to the interview so that you sound confident while answering.interview questions

2.What are your strength and weaknesses: 

While answering this tricky question you have to be extra smart. You can tell lots of your strength but while telling the weakness you have to tell a weakness which can be considered as a strength as well.

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for example, you can tell them that one of your weakness is that you are over ambitious which sometimes make you disappointed. By telling this weakness you have mentioned your another strength but in a different way.

Just make sure that you do not over act this otherwise interviewer will feel that you are acting over smartly.

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3.Why do you want to leave your previous job: 

This common interview question is also a tricky one. By asking this question interviewer wants to know that what are the factors that make you think to leave the job and switch to a new one.

Now if you will tell them that you are changing the job because of low salary or you get bored because of routine nature of the job then the interviewer will think that you will always find high salary somewhere else and every job become routine job so you may leave this job as well if you will get it.

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To answer this question you have to do a little research on the company to find something unique about the company so that you can tell this in your answer that “your company is the only place where I can”…  Specify the uniqueness of the company which separates them from other companies.interview questions


4.Why we should hire you:

 By asking this question interviewer wants to know how you are different from other candidates. Here you have to sell yourself.

To answer this question try to tell them your unique abilities that are related to the job. For example, if the job timings are odd you can tell them that you are comfortable by working in an irrational shift or if the nature of the job gives you deadlines you can tell them that you can perform well under the pressure.(of course do not lie, this is just an example).

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5.What are your salary expectations:

If Interviewer asks you this question then congratulations because it may mean that you have passed the interview.

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If you are a fresher then you can skip this question by saying that “It is my first job and I really do not know about salary ranges”.

If question get repeated and the interviewer says that he wants to hear a number from you then make sure that you tell a range and not a specific number.

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So next time when you will go for your job interview do not go blank. Prepare these interview questions and you will not feel anxious when the interviewer will ask you these questions. You will feel more confident and you will increase your chances of selecting over others.

Best of luck.