4 Women’s Sneaker Fashion Trends for 2022


2018 is off to a great start, and with spring coming around, everyone seems to be taking notice of the styles of fashion, accessories, and shoes. When it comes to women’s sneakers, it seems that spring of 2018 has brought about some new and exciting trends. Knowing what’s hot this spring in sneaker fashion is going to be important to giving you a boost in your fashion for this season. Here are a few trends for sneaker wearing that you’re going to love.

Solely Exaggerated

White sneakers are here to stay, but the soles are changing drastically. Larger, more exaggerated soles are set to make it huge in the industry right now. The more neutral palettes are giving way to a sort of overblown type look that brings back that larger moulded sole that used to be popular several years ago. The sneakers are set to look more modern with colour touches, but the shoes will have that enormous detail that makes them fit in line with the fashion industry right now. Some of these larger soles are even more comfortable since they tend to cushion the feet more during daily wear.

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Not Fitness Related

Before, sneakers were bought solely for fitness purposes. People didn’t buy sneakers for the style. However, sneakers nowadays are bought mostly for lifestyle rather than fitness performance. This means that you can get those classic sneakers that you love without having to worry about how they fit and wear in the gym. Adidas is one company that is bringing the styles to the sports and fashion customers alike. Adidas has already retained their comfortable fits that fitness gurus know and love, but they have transformed this fit to position it in their fashion-related shoes.

Ugly Sneakers

Ugly fashion is making a comeback these days in almost every area of fashion, sneakers included. Many of the ugly sneaker styles are going to bring back the clunky looks with a dirty finish or a frayed look. Many luxury brands are already jumping on board with the look, and it is set to start filter down to the mass market soon. Maybe those old sneakers you used to wear back in the day are coming back in style too. The uglier the shoe, the better in this case. You would be surprised at some of the designs and colours that are making a comeback in the name of the ugly sneaker.

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Styled by the 90s

With a touch of nostalgia, one of the biggest sneaker trends this year in women’s fashion is going to come straight from the 90s era. These sneakers were always known for their chunky styles, neon additions, and over-the-top looks. Many of the sneakers this year are set to resemble those timeless sneakers, giving you the chance to come up with some incredibly eclectic styles of your own with just a hint of the 90s era. If you want to find a great pair of sneakers that look like the 90s, try looking for bright colours, clunky soles, and colourful shoelaces.


Women’s sneakers haven’t always been the spotlight of fashion conversation. However, the beginning of 2018 brought women’s sneakers back into the spotlight in a big way. With more exaggerated soles, fashionable styles over performance, ugly looks, and even 90s inspired details, the women’s sneaker industry has taken off in the high fashion world. It is only a matter of time before people like you and me see these sneakers on a daily basis. With bolder styles and muted colours, these modern sneakers are going to be huge this year, bringing about an entirely new level of comfortable and stylish footwear.