10 features that make your help desk software complete and perfect


Now a days, help desks are dime a dozen. These are umpteen and hence choosing the right one for your business becomes extremely pivotal. Espousing the wrong one is like barking the wrong tree. On the other hand, embracing the desired one can result in thaumaturgy. Small businesses can be transformed into efficient and customer friendly businesses. Otherwise, the very concepts of ‘efficiency’ and ‘user-friendliness’ remain distant dreams. The present day Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are inadequate. More often than not, the interface may not achieve the custom workflows and a personalized support may be superlunary. Hence, there is a longing for ‘up-to-the-mind’ and trendy help desk which can handle gargantuan tasks with ease. So, the help desk is a vanguard in disguise-an indispensable asset indeed!


                        A definite way of taking the initiative of choosing the right help desk is by performing ROI(Return On Investment) calculations. Discard all the pre-conceived notions like the more you pay, the better the help desk will be. Keep in mind the ballpark figures and approximations of fixed costs, short term and long term costs so as to elicit a decisive decision. Ensure e-mail compatibility and security. The systems have to be compatible with many servers of different genres. The security standards must be in perfect accordance with Secured Socket Layer mechanisms. Ensure CONFIDANT networks (Co-operation in Nodes, Fairness in Adhoc Networks) that are seldom prone to phishing attacks.

                     Back-up is a desirable feature and it can be realized by using Database(s). All the redundancy and insertion of query anomalies have to be dealt with in a consummate manner.  Scalability and Satisfaction surveys form the crux of the help desk features. While quoting a purchase, the Total Cost of Ownership must be kept in mind. A good help desk should also encompass the features of flexibility and user-friendliness which in-turn give a branded and professional look and feel to it.


                     Delving deep into the business motto, mission and vision, understanding the finer nuances of the innate features and expectations from customers form the phenotype and criteria for dictating the ebb and flow of a perfect help desk. The sustenance of your business is based on a robust help desk software that is replete with the following features:

  • E-mail compatibility: The help desk software should encompass a powerful email compartmentalized system which can categorize the emails into various genres. For instance, emails to “support@” must be routed to the technical support team while the emails having the signature “sales@” must be routed to the sales department of the help desk software. Handling multiple email addresses and servers is a proviso. In addition to this, all the mails should be directed to the help desk software which transforms them into ‘tickets’ or supplants them with the existing tickets. Each ticket can then be processed, managed and embedded into the reports. Automated email notification feature can make the help desk software indispensable and consummate.

  • Security: A ticketing system integrates the details of clients. Hence, ensuring that the tickets are safe from prying eyes is crucial to nurture customer satisfaction. Incorporate the Secured Socket Layer mechanisms and other protocols for greater efficacy. Moreover, the help desk software must be United States-European Union and Swiss Safe certified.

  • Back-up: Supplementary existing copies of records must be created to protect the clients’ data from partial or total loss. The popular buzzword and an essential feature ‘back-up’ should be integrated into the help desk feature list to make  your help desk software all the more popular. The back -up utilities can also be used to encrypt the data and records for enhanced security.

  • Scalability:  The administrative scalability is associated with the ability to encase incalculable users on a single distributed system, while functional scalability is the ability to enhance the system by adding new functionalities at minimal effort. Thus, in the profound sense, this admirable feature is mandatory to make your help desk software remarkable. The underlying business model offering the potential for growth and customer satisfaction can be realized by incorporating this feature.

  • Easy access: The help desk must be available both as a secure hosted SAAS (Software as a Service) and as an on premise product installed on clients environment. The provision of customized dashboards and support effects can reduce the information overload and enhance efficiency.

  • Ticket management:The ticketing system ensures easy tailoring to meet the customer needs. It assists the customer to attach files and screenshots with tickets thus making the motto ‘Everything is kept organized right under your fingertips’ sound cogent and potent.

  • Branding:The help desk should create Eureka moments to the customers by answering the queries such as “Who is this amazing guy? What’s his company name? Have I made the right choice?” The moment the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, you should realize that you have won the client(s) credibility. Voila, mission accomplished! 🙂

  • User friendly: The ’round -the-clock’ service should essentially include virtual office help, interactive demo sessions and a ‘Support Agent’ page.

  • Self Service:Incorporate self-service portals and support forums so that the clients may help themselves and further organize the threads into various categories. The knowledge base may be sorted and searched by keyword and category.

  • Social media integration: This is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon to have in one’s arsenal. The integrated social media sharing with few clicks and ‘Likes’ or ‘Tweets’, Facebook activity feeds and other minutiae require no special mention.

All the above features zero-in on client expectations and tailor the perfect fit which in-turn is the best bet!