Top 5 Advantages & Disadvantages of Eating Brown Rice


The pure form of anything is always the best and beneficial for health. Brown rice is one of the most beneficial grains that you can have. When the brown rice is polished and cleaned, it becomes white rice. With the cleaning and polishing part, also various nutrients of the rice are also washed away. But brown rice comes with all such nutrients and hence it is considered to whole food and also beneficial for a number of health issues.

5 pros and cons of eating brown rice on human health

Advantages of eating brown rice

There are a number of health benefits that the brown rice has and because of which it is consumed by many people.

Selenium content helps in keeping diseases away

People nowadays are suffering from a huge number of diseases. No one person is healthy today without any kind of disease or illness. This is due to a bad lifestyle and also the wrong food items. Brown rice can solve this problem of illness and diseases. It contains an element called ‘selenium’ that is very much effective in reducing the chances of a number of diseases that people are commonly suffering from. It has been thus noticed that consumption of brown rice is effective in keeping a person healthy and away from diseases like heart issues, arthritis, and many types of cancer.

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Contains Magnesium – Good for fat synthesis

Apart from selenium, brown rice is also rich in manganese. It is said that brown rice contains as much as 80% amount of manganese in it in one cup. Manganese is a very crucial element that helps in synthesizing fats in the human body. Also, it is very beneficial to other parts of the body such as the reproductive system and also the nervous system. Thus, having brown rice can keep a number of systems in your body in order and you in a healthy and fit shape.


Rich source of natural oils

A number of natural oils are helpful for the human body because these oils help to make the levels of cholesterol normal in the body. Brown rice is also rich in a number of oils that occur naturally. Thus, the consumption of brown rice with your diet also helps you in fighting bad cholesterol in your body.


Effective in Weight Loss

Brown rice is the purest form and hence it is also rich in fiber content. Fiber is a useful element for keeping the digestion of a person in perfect order. If you have good digestion, you can easily shed out the excess weight from your body to gain a slim and perfect figure. It is an ideal diet for people who have regular issues with their bowels. Also, brown rice helps in keeping your tummy full, so it is a great way to weight loss remedy.


Considered a Whole grain

Brown rice is considered to be whole grain food because it is in its purest form without any kind of processing. Thus, it has not lost its nutrients value. It has all its nutritional food values intact in it and hence it best cereals for your diet that can help you treat a number of diseases and illnesses both in present and near future.

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Plenty of Antioxidants

One of the least known facts about brown rice is that it contains antioxidants. These Antioxidants are basically found in large amounts in various green leafy vegetables and fruits. But the fact is that even brown rice is a diligent source of antioxidants. Brown rice consumption on a daily basis keeps health in the great state along with increasing the immunity levels.

Fibre Rich Rice

The high content of fiber in brown rice has made brown rice as one of the superfoods. It is considered as a great help in preventing colon cancer. The rich fiber content in brown rice is responsible for eliminating cancer-causing cells and various other toxins from the body. It is advised in general that people struggling with irregular bowel movements, digestion issues, and any gastric disorders should include brown rice in their diet.

Disadvantages of eating brown rice

Along with the various benefits that brown rice has, there are a number of cons of the brown rice that it has on human health.

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Prone to cross-contamination

While purchasing brown rice, you should keep in mind the food allergies you have. Because even brown rice is prone to cross-contamination similar to the other manufactured products. Certain ingredients in brown rice maybe not suitable for people with certain food allergies. Brown rice is responsible and is considered as the major producers of different byproducts like flour, snacks, and pieces of bread.

Prone to fungus

When brown rice is stored for more than 7 days it renders such molds, bacteria, and fungus that has a severe impact on your health. The fungus named aflatoxin is found to grow on both uncooked and cooked brown rice which can cause diseases like cancer. Proper care must be taken while you are preparing rice to ensure it is properly cooked and only then consumed. This way you can eliminate the effect of fungus.

Requires proper storage and preservation

Brown rice consists of a number of essential fatty acids that are very much useful for your body and to fight a number of problems such as unbalanced cholesterol. But cereals are something that has to be stored and preserved for a long time. The essential fatty oils in brown rice can be kept intact in it only until the time of about 6 months to 8 months. After that, it starts losing its value. This is the reason it is converted to white rice because the same oils can stay intact in white rice for over 10 years. Though while converting into the white rice a number of nutrients are lost, whatever is there can be preserved for the next 10 years.

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Difficult to be digested

If you are eating brown rice in your meals, you may take a longer time to complete your food. This is because it is very important to chew the brown rice properly before swallowing. Brown rice is very difficult to be digested and hence if not chewed properly it can create problems like the heavy abdomen and others. Especially if you have problems like stomach upset or any other digestion issues, you should not try even to consume brown rice.

Makes you feel fuller at all times

It is not at all healthy to switching to brown rice consumption totally. Including it in your diet, 3-4 times a week is more than enough. If you plan to switch totally to brown rice meal, you may have troubles such as deficiency in a number of necessary minerals such as calcium and others. Brown rice is healthy but also it is a whole grain that makes you feel full, so you will be not able to eat much on the day you eat brown rice.

Requires proper cleansing

It depends on you about what type of brown rice quality you buy. If you buy the organic one; you do not have to worry much about its hygiene. But if you have bought brown rice that is not organic then you have to wash it many times before cooking it. Brown rice is the unpolished form of rice and hence soil and other things very closely come into contact with it. These things have to be cleaned properly before you cook it to consume.

Lacks minerals and nutrients

Again brown rice maybe a whole grain but it lacks a number of minerals and other valuable food nutrients that are necessary for the body. So, when you are cooking brown rice, you have to mix a number of other cereals and lentils with it in proportion so that your diet does not have a deficiency in anything.

Hence, though brown rice is considered to be one of the healthiest cereals but still it also has a number of cons. Hence, if you consume brown rice by taking care of the cons, you will be able to benefit its real pros.