What is The Best Month to Go To Vegas?


    Few places in the world are quite as fun to visit as taking a trip to Las Vegas. There is much to do and see here, and the general atmosphere of this city is hard to really put into words. Truly, Vegas is a city that you need to visit to understand just why it is regarded as one of the best travel destinations in the world. Timing is everything, though, and with that in mind it is important that you choose the right time to come and visit Vegas. Is there a best time, though? What is the best month to go to Vegas?

    Let us investigate so that you can understand the best month to go to Vegas and ensure you arrive here for the festivities intended.

    When is the best month go to go Las Vegas?

    Given the unicity of this city, people are coming to this unique part of the world all-year round. It is a city that never sleeps – or so the slogan claims – and that can make it a pretty fun place to come and visit overall. There is much to do and no real reason to curb your enthusiasm. Yet, the time of year you choose to come her will change a few things about the activities available, the kind of people you mingle with, and the weather.

    Typically, the best time to come to Las Vegas is going to be around the spring and the fall. Try and aim for any month between the end of February and the early stages of May OR aim for the middle of September until the end of November.

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    This gives you a wonderful trifecta of:

    • Excellent value for money, with many of the attractions that make Vegas so special – such as its amazing shows – more affordable than during the spring or the winter
    • Tremendous choice of things to do, with shows, restaurants, and other major attractions all open during these months – meaning you can get the ‘real’ Vegas experience
    • Comfortable weather – remember that Vegas is in Nevada, so it is a pretty roasting hot place. Coming here in the peak of summer could see you caught at exceptional heats of 100F and above

    One thing to note, though, is that regardless of when you come to Vegas you will need to contend with the wind. The wind can be as strong as 30MPH when visiting here, so you should be ready for the wind to be strong whether you come here during the winter or the summer.

    When is the cheapest time to visit Vegas?

    The cheapest time of the year is the ‘off-season’ for the city, which is typically around the middle of November until the end of February and then again from around the middle of May to the middle of September. Any months that fall outside that remit are the ‘on-season’ times where the prices for more or less everything skyrockets. If money is your sole priority, aim for midweek bookings and try and stay in the same hotel for more than one or two nights; this usually nets you some kind of meaningful discount.

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    November to February is arguably the quietest time to come to Vegas, too, so if you want to make sure you avoid excessive celebrations then book your time to arrive here. The busiest times typically fall around major sporting events, like the Super Bowl and the NCAA basketball tournaments that can bring some incredible numbers of people.

    What about your own personal aims?

    With all of the above in mind, though, it pays to understand that there are times of the year when it might suit you personally. This might not be the ‘best’ time in terms of price or in terms of other factors, but it might be when you can go. Or it might be when a certain show that you really want to attend is going to be present. This can complicate what is generally an easy answer to give.

    Keep in mind, then, that you should definitely look into the kind of shows that will be present. Take a look at a platform like Vegas Lens (https://vegaslens.com/guide/shows/calendar/today/) and you can find out what events are going to be taking place today. Browse around, look at different weeks and months, and see what seems to fit in with your personal schedule.

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    As ever, be sure to think about who you will be spending time with in the city as well. This might also change the best time to go and visit Vegas in your own personal circumstance. Say you want to surprise your beloved and bring them here for Valentine’s Day. Look into the best shows around about mid-February, and then look into some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Then, you can surprise them both with a trip to Vegas and some adorable, thoughtful V-Day gifts!

    Making the right decision on the best month to go to Vegas

    In general, then, people will suggest that you visit during the month of X. That being said, there is always a personal consideration. Always keep this factor in mind as you try and decide when to take a trip to Vegas.

    There is a general ‘good’ and ‘bad’ time to go to Vegas, but keep in mind that Vegas is an all-year round city. It might be more affordable or opportune to visit at a certain time, but it might not be suitable for you personally. Good luck, and happy traveling!