PUBG Guide: How To Stay Alive And Win


One of the good things about Player’s Unknown Battleground is that you can win it. All you need is to survive when others are dead. It may seem difficult when there are 100 players in one space trying to shoot, loot and win. But with the right game strategies, your survival instinct, and our guide, you can emerge the winner of PUBG. 

Moreover, if you’re in for the excitement, you can utilize the popular PUBG aimbot to simplify the gameplay. But for players who’re ready for the long-haul winnings, you can use the extra help and also follow our PUBG guide below. 

So, if you’re set to dig into the game, follow the strategies below!

How To Stay Alive And Win

Your Landing Matters 

To stay alive until you win in PUBG starts from your landing. So, you must start planning everything from that point onwards. The first thing to avoid is landing in the hottest places where other players are targeting. Those places where the loots are more attractive are a danger zone. In the beginning, every player is desperate for loot. So, as you pick those spots with the highest rewards, you’re sticking your neck out to be killed. 

To ensure a safe landing, try to land before other players or land very far from the attractive spots. That way, you can stay alive and even pick some good items before facing the bullets. 

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Avoid Open Spaces

If you don’t want to die before your time, avoid open spaces in the game. Bringing yourself out in the open is like screaming, “Here I am, anybody can kill me.” Once you do that, someone is going to oblige. So, avoid that, but if you must, be as fast as possible, especially when the map is shrinking. But before that happens, hide behind covers in the game. 

Switch Armor Always 

Armor is one of the items that will keep you alive in PUBG. Your armor will shield you from some shots and at least extend your chances of winning. However, you must always change it when it depletes. Don’t use the same one you started with because the strength goes down following every hit. So, switch it for as many times as required to protect your body from damages. 

Hide From The fights 

Many experts recommend a little hiding when the game starts to protect your neck. Consider this strategy and employ it. PUBG is a game involving 100 players, but only one person will win. It means that the player who didn’t die wins. Nobody said the winner must kill the 99 others to succeed. So, in the early minutes of the game, stay at the circle’s edge for some time and only kill enemies trying to kill you. 

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Utilize Your Items Better 

Every player in PUBG understands the importance of staying fit and healthy for survival. Looting is the usual practice, especially during the early game. As you loot, you’ll be gathering weapons, drugs, painkillers, etc. Instead of using these items whenever you feel like it, plan it. For instance, if you’re approaching the game’s end and want to win, bring out the painkillers and your energy drinks. By taking the pills and the glasses, you’ll boost your energy and regenerate your health for the finals. 

Running Straight Will Get You Killed 

The goal of every PUBG player is to stay alive while 99 others die. So, don’t ever create an opportunity to be killed. This is why you must never run straight when someone is firing bullets at you. So, experts recommend the zigzag approach instead. By running unpredictably, the bullets will be missing your body, and the shooter can’t aim rightly at all. 

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We know that you’ll likely spend more time getting to your destination. But at least you’ll keep your body parts intact. 

Use The Doors Smartly

Every building door in PUBG is usually closed. But you can use this to your advantage. When you enter the building to loot, close the doors to protect yourself against other players. If you keep them open, you won’t hear them when they enter the building. Apart from protecting yourself, you can use this strategy to kill some unsuspecting enemies too. 

Another instance to utilize closed doors is to slow down the enemies while you cover some distances. Players will assume that the building hasn’t been looted and will waste time trying to ransack the place for goodies. 


Player’sUnknown Battlegrounds is a game that can entertain and challenge you. It tests your patience, survival instinct, and skills. But the truth is that you can emerge the winner of PUBG if you know what to do. 

We’ve provided a guide on how to stay alive and finally win. All you have to do is protect your neck, kill those you can kill, and finally take the 99th player down.