Top 10 Most Expensive Phone’s in The World.


Cell phones  can be  considered  as a  gateway into a person life which can reveal everything  about an  individual personality.These expensive mobiles reveal about your riches and your passion for expensive phones.

Technology drastically increased the necessity of cell phones in our life as they  solve our  crucial daily tasks. A phone can be considered as a Mini computer as they behold all the features of a P.C. Have a look at the most expensive phones in the world as they have been blended with technological advancements and ornamental designs.

The prices of these gadgets are unbelievable and more pricey than the expensive cars in the world.

Awesome Features & Amazing looks of  Most expensive Phones in the World.

1.Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 :

This is the latest model of super rich phones which costs about a whopping amount of $95.5 Million  which is unable to afford. It is studded with a single huge 18 carat diamond instead of multiple diamonds.

The cheaper variant  of this mobile is available at $48 million and available in two colours Pink & Blue.

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2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond.

Black Diamond are very rare and precious gems in the world similar to this most expensive phone. So Instead of Black diamond, several precious stones and gold are used in making the world’s  most expensive phone which costs about $15.3 Million.


3. iPhone 3G King’s Button ($ 1.5 million)

This made into the list with a massive price of $ 1.5 million.  This beauty is studded with 138 diamonds and a  6.6 carat diamond at the home button.

It is available in Pure 18 carat yellow, rose and white gold


4. GoldVish Le Million ($ 1.3 million)

The name alone predicts it contains gold and need Millions to afford it. This most expensive phone was manufactured in Switzerland with pure white gold and VVS1 graded 120 carat diamond. A single unit costs about  $1.3 million

100 units were made and sold to a businessman from Russia.


5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 million)

This million dollar smartphone is encrypted  with power encryption technology which safeguards  the personal information which made all high profile people to incline on this phone. It is made of pure and solid platinum with 18 carat gold navigation key in which 28 cut diamonds used as sides of this mobile are also decorated with 25.5 princess diamond

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This is made of pure and solid platinum with an eye-catching gold navigation key  and decorated with 28 cut diamonds on the sides of a mobile.


6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot.

This is the first expensive phone to reach the price of $1 million and made with bleach African wood which is as expensive as gold. This  wood ages about 200 years old


7. Vertu Signature Cobra.

It has a stunning design of Cobra on its phone which is included in the phone. Four Hundred diamonds of high quality, Nine pure Rubies and Two beautiful emeralds have been used in making this super rich mobile phone.

This masterpiece costs of about $310,000.


8. BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone  ($300,000)

This expensive phone made into the list with a price of $300,000 which is made by “Sony Ericson” and designed by Jaren Goh. It includes major features like Polycarbonate mirror, organic LED technology, Polycarbonate mirror and studded with Two Diamonds. One diamond is used as a Navigation Button and other at the back of mobile.

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9. iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400)

This is highly expensive as high as $176,400 and grabs your attention with its elegance. Designed by Peter Aloisson which includes 180 cut diamonds,138 princess diamonds on the walls of the mobile.


10. Vertu Signature Diamond

This may not contain the advanced features but this platinum made gadget looks great in hand. The assembling process of this mobile  is made  by Hand and 200 units made till now.The price of this phone is $ 88,000.




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