6 very common reasons that causes bad breath


If you are being neglected by others, even by your loved ones, one of the common reasons can be Halitosis or bad breath. This is the breath that contains a bad smell. Till the time you are quite, it is all okay, but as you start speaking, the people around you or not talking to you may get an unpleasant smell. Also at times, in case of strong Halitosis symptoms, people can feel bad breathe even if the victim is not speaking. Though this is not a disease, but there can be several causes that can lead to conditions of bad breath.

It has been noticed that many of the love relationships can shattered due to the reason of bad breath. This is quite obvious also that when normally a person is not able to stay with a person having bad breath, so it is obvious that relationships with these people will be a tough thing.


But obviously, if you can know the basic causes of the condition, you will be able to treat it and get rid of it. Though many people may think that this is a very serious issue but in reality, there can be a number of simple causes for the bad breath.

#1: Mouth Infection

Mainly the condition of bad breath takes place due to the occurrence of bacteria in the mouth. So, if you have got some kind of infection in your mouth, then you can have bad breath problem also. A very common infection that people can have is the gum disease, where you can have problems like gum bleeding. In such places, bacteria start growing and hence bringing out an unpleasant odor from your mouth. The situation even deteriorates of you have a dry mouth. Saliva is very effective in flushing out the mouth and keeping such bacteria away from your mouth. This is the reason while you are having any type of gum diseases, it is always said to flush your mouth with water or mouth freshener after every interval.

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#2: Smoking

Apart from offering you pleasure for some time, smoking does not have any good values for you. It has a hazardous impact on your health and is also a very big reason for bad breath. People who smoke occasionally may have bad breath depending upon the situation. But people who are chain smokers are sure to get this condition of bad breath. The nicotine is so much bad for you that once if you have got this condition of bad breath due to smoking, you will have it for the entire life. Though such people can hide the bad breath by chewing flavored gums and others but the condition stays on always.  


#3: Stinky Food

If you are consuming food items that stink such as onions and garlic, then there are obvious chances that you will have bad breath after having them. Similar is the case while you consume tobacco and alcohol. This is because the food enters your body and mixes with your bloodstream. Later on when it reaches the lungs, it has to exhale obviously out bad breath. This also depends on person to person. There are some people who stink a lot after eating such items while there are some who become normal after some time of eating these things. Whatever may be the situation, this is a temporary condition and passes away after a couple of hours at the maximum.

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#4: Dental Hygiene

This is normal that bacteria growth can take place due to lack of hygiene, and this is at any place not only for the mouth. After you have eaten, a number of food particles get stuck in between your teeth that cause bacteria buildup. If proper brushing is not done, then these bacteria increase and leads to bad breath. Not necessarily only teeth, bacteria grow also on the gums and the tongue. To clean up such bacteria, proper flossing and mouth washing is required so that you do not have problems of bad breath. Make sure that you brush two times a day and every time you eat something you clean up your mouth properly with water or a good mouth wash.


#5: Dry mouth

Dry mouth is also called as Xerostomia and can also cause bad breath to a quite extent. Again dry mouth can happen due to a number of reasons. Sometimes some people have problems in the salivary glands and hence they are not able to produce much of saliva in the mouth to keep it away from dryness. Apart from this there are also other reasons due to- which you may have dry mouth. At times, it can happen due to the side effect of certain medicines and can also happen if you are inhaling air through your mouth. Though some people who are having such problem due to medicine side effects and other can get cured in a few days, but people having salivary gland issue need to consult a doctor to get treated.

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#6: Diseases

It is not that you can have bad breath only you have some problem in your mouth. People can have bad breath also if they are suffering from various diseases such as diabetes, reflux or may have a problem in various organs such as sinus, lungs, kidney and liver. If someone is suffering from such problem, then long-term treatment is necessary to treat the diseases and also the condition of bad breath.

Whatever may be the reason, bad breath can lead to various embarrassment situations. Though some people may have a temporary problem that can be treated through a number of things such as chewing gums, mouth fresheners, and others, other may suffer from permanent problems. Such people should surely visit a dentist because bad breath can be a symptom of many of the mouth related infections and diseases. As mentioned before, bad breath can also take place due to some other diseases also. So, in place of avoiding it or hiding it, a person should go for a proper check up.