Top 10 Countries with Most Glamorous Girls


There are a number of beautiful places around the world and so the people residing in that place. It is said that the woman is the most beautiful creatures made on the Earth, and hence all women are beautiful in their own way. But this cannot be denied that girls from some countries are more beautiful and hot in comparison to the rest of the world. Yes, there are some such countries that have an amazing climate and hence the girls there are also as amazing as the climate and the environment.

Here is a list of top 10 countries with the most pretty girls around the world.


Sweden is a country with a small population but the number of youngsters is in the age group of 33 to 59 and elder who are at the age of 60, and above are high. But still, Sweden has enough beautiful girls who are gorgeous to look at. These girls are a bit traditional in thoughts and hence are reserved. But once you get comfortable with them they can be friends with you for the entire life. Swedish people are known for their warm welcome and service; hence girls in Sweden are also benevolent when they warm up with you.


A maximum number of people in Brazil are fair-skinned as the population is dominated by continental western European and also Native Americans. The number of young girls in Brazil is more who are in their 20s. Brazil is known to have a mixture of various genetics such as the Portuguese, Native Americans, Dutch, Asian, Italian, Spanish, and others. Though the number of immigrants from different parts of the world has increased in Brazil but still, you will be able to recognize the Brazilian girls easily. They are quite bold and open and also possess a high nosed attitude in them.

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Russian girls are always known for their beauty. They are known for their beauty. Almost all females in Russia have a much-maintained physique. You can recognize the Russian beauties by their fair skin, blue eyes, tall height, and a proportionate physique, bit similar to how the Barbie doll looks.


Venezuela is another country that is known for its beautiful and glamorous beauties. Some of the major number of Miss World and Miss Universe winners to date have been from Venezuela and hence till is quite normal to think about how beautiful these girls are. It is believed that Venezuelan girls are god gifted in their beauty and thus they have the charm to mesmerize anyone. Many a time they are also compared to the mermaids who can spellbind anyone.


India is known for its secular feature and is a country with a mix of various cultures. You will get here girls of various ages who look stunning and elegant. Indian girls are known for their dusky complexion, maximum times dark broad eyes and long and dark hair. These girls are not very introvert or reserved but yes they are of very much feminine approach especially to strangers. The personalities of these girls only make them attractive especially when you see an Indian girl draped ethnically in a saree.

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Girls in Serbia are actually the combination of Mediterranean and Slavic genes. These girls are tall, pretty and gorgeous. Also, these girls are excellent in their stylish dresses and the way they present themselves. They are also known for their attractive looks such as striking eyes, long legs, flat stomach, and a perfectly maintained physique. Almost all the girls in Serbia have such physiques and characteristics that would give any movie actress a complex. So if you are not sure somehow about where are you and you look around gorgeous girls with a perfect physique, guess to be Serbia.


France is known as the country of love and sophistication; hence no doubt girls here are also very romantic and very much sophisticated. Also, you will have a number of beautiful scenes to admire in France and hence, you will also see girls here who are beautiful and lovely. These girls in France are not extrovert but outgoing and are also equipped with a lot of energetic vibes that will definitely fill you also with a lot of energy at once.


The soccer-playing country Argentina is known for its beautiful ladies. Girls here pay a lot of attention to their hair and skin. They do their best so that they can look their best. This is the reason fashion thrives too much in Argentina. Girls here are very close to the latest trends and are quite stylish and high in fashion. No doubt these all reasons make these tall and dusky-skinned girls from Argentina not only charming but also very much attractive and trendy.

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If you are looking for a combination of bold and beauty in a woman you can come to Ukraine. These girls are not only young and beautiful but also are cute by their looks. Also, girls from Ukraine are to a great extent almost similar to the girls of Russia in their mentality and character. Even they have an attitude almost similar to that of the girls from Russia.


If you are in love with the Italian food items, you will definitely fall in love with the Italian girls. These girls are olive-skinned such that of the girls from the Mediterranean areas. They are very gorgeous, and they look extremely elegant due to the way they carry themselves. Italy is not only known for its food but also for its high fashion quotient. You will find a number of fashion designers from Italy, and this can be known very clearly by the very way of how girls dress themselves here. Girls here are trendy, ready always to try out the new fashion changes and extremely stylish in their dressing sense.