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YouTube channels for kids: 7 child-friendly channels


Does it feel like your kid is smarter than you when you were of his or her age? The generation gap is not only in the ages but also in technology. Smart technology has led to a generation of smart kids. On an average by the years of 7, your kid must know the basics of how to operate a mobile phone. We see countless parents complaining about kids engrossed into mobile phones, especially YouTube channels. Are we giving birth to a generation of binge-watchers? Are you a parent worried that your kid might learn wrong things on the screen? Well, this article is just for you. Here’s a list of some YouTube channels for kids watching which your child will enjoy as well as learn.

Kids love cartoons and hence the content has to be good. These YouTube Channels are recommended by many parents who found their kids friendly. In addition, these are free of cost channels.

Seasame Seed:

The classic Seasame Seed is what we grew up learning from. Do you want your child to follow your legacy? Then subscribe to the Seasame Seed YouTube channel where they will meet Monster Murray Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Smithsonian Channel:

What might seem boring to you is very interesting for kids. Smithsonian is full of natures wonders and children haven’t yet seen much of it. So these channels attract them. On the bright side they will learn a lot.


PBS always has some of the best content for kids. It has many fun learning shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood and Curious George. It is especially good for vocabulary, alphabets and language. In addition, children love the rhymes and tunes.


TED Talks are a global brand. TED Ed is a non-profit channel of TED Talks. The channel airs shows which are oriented for fun learning. One of the most recommended show is ‘Questions No One Knows the Answers To.’ The channels has many riddles, fun facts for kids.

Little Baby Bum:

This channel is for especially toddlers. There are rhymes and jingles. You will find all the nursery rhymes you listened to on here. The kids love the channel for its vivid 3D graphics.

ChuChu TV:

Another channel with excellent graphics and animation. ChuChu TV too has rhymes and jingles. The Phonic Song is an excellent way to teach kids sound.

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Want your kid to take his or her exercise schedule regularly? This channel will teach them so fun exercises. Don’t worry it’s curated especially for children and your kid won’t get hurt.

So these are of some YouTube channels for kids that will sneakily work on their learning and teach them new things. While you are at it try to use YouTube on bigger screens like a laptop or on the TV. Allowing the kids to use YouTube on mobile is very harmful to their eye-sight. It doesn’t make any sense to educate them at the cost of their eye-sight. Happy Parenting!



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