You Need to Know the Pros and Cons of Vaccination


In current days, we are watching daily about vaccination. But owing to lack of knowledge, we see much news and get feared. But you need not worry. You can know about vaccination in a nutshell. People are taking the covid-19 vaccine very fastly to protect themselves from coronavirus.


The vaccine is something that prevents and protects from viral diseases. Edward Jenner was the first person who produced the first vaccine in 1796. This first vaccine was produced to protect against smallpox. Jenner went deep and theorized cowpox (disease of animals) which was almost similar to smallpox. Then, after that, Jenner discovered a vaccine that came in the form of injection. 

The development of vaccines starts in a research laboratory of a university or any biotech company rather than a pharmaceutical company. These institutions take the grant from the government or private foundations. They research a lot on it, after that, they send it for trials. It does first trials on animals than on the big animals like monkeys. After all this, it comes to human beings. Sometimes, it takes 5 years to 10 years. So, we can say that it takes a long time. 

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How Does Vaccination Work?

As we know that our immune system is made up of several types of cells which help in defending against invaders. The immune system helps in removing harmful pathogens. When people take vaccines, then it helps the body to recognize new diseases. A Vaccine makes antibodies against those antigens of pathogens. After this, the type of antigens gets observed according to the cause of infection. In the future, it helps in a faster response to the disease. In the case of the response of the body to the vaccine, it helps in fighting an actual infection. A vaccine has two parts, and it is given by injection casually. The first part is the antigen, which is the piece of disease that our body should recognize.

And the second one is Adjuvant, which sends a dangerous signal to your body. It helps in responding more strongly to our immune system against antigen. Then, it helps in the development of immunity. 

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Pros and Cons of Vaccination


  • It can prevent people from dying. It will prevent you from the disease by which you can sicken or killed.
  • Researchers investigate the vaccine and present its data to the FDA for getting approval.
  • Owing to a positive result, it comes out that vaccines are safe.
  • It does not protect only vaccinated people but also the people around you.
  • It can also protect the people who are not able to be vaccinated even.


  • As we know, that vaccine is composed of different components, and each can affect differently.
  • If people have experienced an allergic reaction to some vaccines in the past, they can be affected again.
  • One can get sick after vaccination.
  • If you have an ultra-weak immune system, then you may be avoided from vaccination. In such cases, you should consult with your healthcare provider.