Why Should You Know About BOC-3?



Being a part of any transportation company, such as motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders, doing business across the country line, one should know What is BOC-3 and its benefits. BOC stands for Blanket of Coverage, and this filing is proof of process agents in all 50 states. BOC-3 is also known as the Designation of Agents for Service of Process. It is one of the major requirements to achieve operating authority. According to federal law, to acquire the power to work from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), filing Form BOC-3 with FMCSA for the designation of a process agent is essential. Moreover, BOC-3 processing also ensures that every company maintains active interstate operating status. 

What Is The BOC-3 Filing Process?

By filing the BOC-3, a trucking company designates the process agents that represent them in every state. The designated process agent will accept court papers from the state on behalf of the trucking company should there ever be a legal issue. For instance, for motor carriers, only a process agent is liable to apply online for it. Whereas in the case of freight forwarder without any commercial vehicle, you will file the BOC-3 on your own as a paper copy. This filing is necessarily required, especially after a transportation agency is granted authority to operate. 

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What Is A BOC-3 Process Agent?

An SOP agent or process agent is an individual who is authorized to collect legal documents on your behalf. A process agent should be located in the state where your business is operating. His availability at the mentioned address during the working hours of your business should also be ensured. The BOC-3 form features detailed information on every process agent. This information includes his address and name etc. Moreover, FMCSA regulations demand that each carrier or broker must keep the BOC-3 form. The form, either the original one or its copy, should be stored at the central office of the business. 

Once designated, the duties of a process agent will be of receiving and forwarding the services of process and other legal documents on behalf of the company in the state, he is assigned as an agent. 

Cost Of A Boc-3 Agent

The cost of assigning a professional process agent can be as low as $19 or more to as high as $100. This cost range depends on the scope of service you choose. Some agents charge high as they claim to provide more services other than just BOC3 filing services. However, the cost range is also influenced by the fee structure. Fee payment procedures also vary from annual to one-time. Extra charges for an address change, transport expedient may also be included.

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Time Taken To File For BOC-3

After the online submission of the form with the FMCSA, they will issue the operating authority, and the document will be mailed to you. This procedure mostly takes three to four business days. However, in case of no mail or response, you will need to contact the helpline of FMCSA. Online access to the licensing and insurance website of FMCSA can also give information about your form proceedings. Any error demanding form to be refilled can be seen there.

The Benefits Of A Blanket Process Agent

A blanket process agent appointed by a trucking company benefits a lot in consolidating the federal obligations. Notifications about new ruling and assurance of no law being broken from one party can help in fulfilling the responsibilities effectively. Moreover, a process agent also helps a company mitigate any potential penalties such as loss of good standing in case of falling out of compliance with FMCSA.

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Acting As Process Agent Yourself

It is possible to act as your SOP agent. But this is only possible within your base state. Moreover, an authentic physical address that is active during business hours for receiving service of process is necessary.l

Selection Of The Right Process Agent

When selecting a blanket process agent, look for a professional in his dealing, have experience working with a reputed transportation industry, and ensure safe and prompt dealing of official documents. Choose the one who could help you stay at the top place of most compliant companies.