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Why BBA and Not Any Other Graduate Degree?


Earlier people used to say that education and passion are the two strongest pillars of a successful career. While the fact has not deviated, there has emerged a different perspective to education. Professional knowledge is a new need that is becoming popular nowadays. This is the reason that professional courses are trending among ambitious individuals.

And now that you are here, reading this article, it’s obvious that some doubts are clouding over your decision of pursuing BBA.

Is it the right one? Will it help me in leading a successful career? Why should I choose BBA over other courses? And the list of questions goes on. But worry not folks. This quick read will try to sort out your issues. Here is why BBA should be your choice over any other graduate degree.

Professional Curriculum

No other graduate degree grooms your personality the way a BBA degree does. The course is specially designed to introduce students to the working of the corporate world and how they can use their skills to handle the strategies and management work. The course also focuses on strengthening communication skills, developing business analysis skills and acquiring an awareness of global business issues. Some of the areas that are covered during a BBA degree include:

  • Business theory
  • Business law and ethics
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship fundamentals
  • E-business
  • Project management

To know more BBA course details, try checking out the websites of colleges like UPES and understand the curriculum thoroughly. In a nutshell, a degree in BBA ensures that the students become highly-aware professionals, individually ready to enter the business world once the college years end.

High Demand = Better Opportunities

It was the economic liberalization in India that actually kickstarted the demand of candidates with sufficient managerial skills and business knowledge. Since then, the demand graph has remained high. Moreover, with new start-ups arriving on the Indian business market, there is a huge demand of people who have sound knowledge of the corporate world. Keeping this diversity in mind, new specializations of BBA degree have also emerged; thereby, giving rise to new opportunities. You can find the BBA course details about such specializations on the website of respective colleges.

What’s more? Well, after completing your BBA degree, you can apply to various job profiles that suit your interests. Operations manager, information security officer, sales manager, Loss prevention manager and cost estimator are some of the popular positions you can apply for.

Lucrative Pay Scale

Young students who get a BBA degree have high chances of grabbing a good job opportunity right after their graduation. And the opportunities are not just good, but they also pay well even at the entry-level.

On an average, the pay scale varies from 4 lakh per annum to 7 lakh per annum. The numbers vary and highly depend on your skills, college, the recruiter and job location. Thus, when checking out BBA course details, also search for the placement record and top recruiters of the college where you are applying for the course.

Paves Way for Higher Studies

As a BBA graduate, you will have the advantage to go for higher studies and pursue highly professional courses like MBA. Also, though other graduates can also apply for MBA, you will have an easier time understanding the concepts and implementing the strategies practically. Just take a look at BBA course details, and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

In addition to this, when it will be the time for a recruitment drive, you will have an added benefit of BBA.

Establishing Own Business

One of the most exciting perks about pursuing BBA is that it equips you with entrepreneurial skills and teaches you how to run a business. So, if you have a dream to open your own firm or have a huge family business waiting to be handled by you, considering BBA is a great choice. It will help you in handling the business like a pro, and with great work and dedication, it won’t be long when you reap great profits for your firm.

Wrapping Up!

Graduation is the first and most important step towards a successful career, and if done right, it can pave the way for an extraordinary future. Your BBA degree also opens doors to the corporate world where you can earn the rewards sooner. There are plenty of colleges that offer BBA programs designed to meet the industry demands. You can always check BBA course details and choose one for yourself soon to get started with success.



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