Why Alcohol-Based Everclean Hand Sanitizer is The Best Sanitizer?


Germs are everywhere, poles, flu season, a friend who has a cold, these are some of the reasons that call for a handy hand sanitizer you need on you all the time. In this time of superbugs when bacteria are becoming immune to antibiotics, it creates a fear of whether you are harming your hand by using too many sanitizers.

The answer is Absolutely not, our hands get contaminated with the things we touch and the intent to use a hand sanitizer is to clean your hands without the need for water or a bar of soap. The mechanism of alcohol-based hand sanitizers breaking the wall of germs created by their cells, essentially killing them. Having a pocket pack hand sanitizer on you all the time can come in handy, no matter where you are.

Getting an Antibacterial hand sanitizer online India that fits your requirements regardless of whether you are in your home, in the office, or at school, can result in the prevention of illness due to the spreading of germs. This is where using the alcohol-based Everclean hand Sanitizer will be the best option for anyone. Let’s have a detailed look at Everclean Sanitizer with its effectiveness & uses.

germs on hands

#A Sanitizer Spray With Pump

The powerful antibacterial hand sanitizer now comes with a pump. The best thing about having a sanitizer with a pump is being able to use & carry it anywhere you are going. While if you didn’t have this, you’d have to search for a source where a bar of soap & water is available.

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A sanitizer dispenser is used to clean & disinfect the most important tool we have, our hands. But the benefit of having Everclean reaches far beyond cleansing your hand, there are other things that you can use this sanitizer on.

You can apply Everclean’s hand sanitizer on your devices like a laptop, mobile or coffee mug that you love so much, with the inclusion of being able to use it before you are about to touch any object, except people or your pets.

The shape of the bottle stands out from other brands and the facility of having a pump is like a cherry on a cake. The texture is just like water and on top of that, it has a non-sticky formula that leaves a pleasant smell as well. You can get the Everclean hand sanitizer in two different flavours, Yummy Berry & Citrus Fresh that gives a refreshing experience.

# Effectiveness of Everclean?

  • It contains a powerful non-sticky formula
  • An Improved fragrance that fits everyone’s need
  • No need to have fear of dry skin
  • It kills 99% of the germs
  • Extremely easy application
germs on hand

#Where Can You Use It?

  • You can use this antibacterial hand sanitizer at home while being lazy and sitting at your couch and don’t want to get up and wash your hands with water.
  • It can be used for the kids at their school, which would help a lot since it should help them learn to keep their hands clean.
  • Using the hand sanitizer at your office is also a good option since this is one place where you can’t get up from the desk to wash your hands, again and again. This should increase your efficiency at work and will keep you germ-free all the time. 
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Get your favourite Everclean hand sanitizer pack today. It not only contains an alcohol-based formula but has the best fragrance as well where you’ll also have the option to choose anyone your favourite out of Citrus Fresh and Yummy berry flavours. Keep in mind that there’s nothing more important than having good health.