Best 10 Whatsapp Group Name Ideas [Unique]


It’s obvious that most of the people using whatsapp app with various features like whatsapp status, whatsapp group with trending names. In India millions of people are using various messaging app. Day to day the value of this app is increasing rapidly. 

Are you also one of them who confuse at the time of making group names for friend groups? We easily set our group dp but we take time to make group names. Even sometimes in a hurry or due to no idea we just use emoji which seem like a home without people. 

Whatsapp group is in trend and every friend circle has their own group. Everyone wants his group name unique and they search for the best. It’s so interesting when we choose our group name according to our bond, isn’t it? No need to worry and also don’t go for more but go for best. Don’t you get bored after searching and get nothing because you exactly don’t know the reason behind the title. Whatsapp group names take very much time in choosing the best one. We always think that it should be special and waste our time in thinking. 

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Am i right? Do you not waste? Sometimes the mood of chat depends on the group name which increases the importance of the app. Sound names enhance the chatting and the mood too. Have you ever thought, how cool it would look when someone visits your whatsapp? 

Are you in quest of an awesome group name with its meaning? So pay attention to the below splendid & mind-blowing name.

Best funny WhatsApp group names for friends (Boys & Girls)

#1. ? Manchali Mahilayenn?

 You can set this name for your friend group if all the members are kind of sporty and also if they always like gossip rather than any work.  

#2. Make some noise for the NSP ???

 Here NSP conveys Nayan Sukh Prapti?. If you and your friend like ‘Dhama Chaukri’ all the time by flirting or vexing others then you can sure go with this title. 

#3. The crazy eights?

Is your group included with crazy people? Then you can add the number of members with ‘The Crazy’. Make this title if the group participants do something which is out of one’s mind. 

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#4. Chaos all around?

Has your group been full of confusing people? Always remember all great changes preceded by chaos. Chaos means a multiplicity of possibilities and does not mean total disorder. 

#5. Chuddy buddy?

You can make this title if the group buddies are like langotiya yaar. Both boys & girls group names can be this because buddy has no gender connotations. 

#6. Sati savitri sudh sanskari??

If your companion looks like innocent kind faces but actually they are not then you can go with this group name. Girls with jovial & enjoying mood everytime can use this.

#7. Chichore??

Is your gang like target mulla? Always in quest of mulla? Too much ‘mastikhor’? It’s often used for vagrant boys who do nothing but wander around. So it would be the most preferable title for them. 

#8. Magical Mental??

Magical thinking is a disorder of thought. You can choose this to make your group name attractive. Magical mind with mental people always tends to good conversation. 

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#9. Friends Phobia?? 

This will suit that group in which everyone has the fear of friends i.e. fear of insult or anything. Do you have this fear? So try this group name.

#10. Devil vs witch??

A group combined with both boys and girls in which they always fight like a kid & enjoy their fights. It can be cool for them. You can too use King vs Queen.