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What To Promise Each Other This 11 February: Promise Day


Promises are meant to keep and if this promise is being made to your beloved, you should intent to stand up to your words, rather than to break a heart. Whatever words are coming out of your mouth when you are promising love to your partner, he/she is believing those words blindly. Never promise anything you don’t intend to stand true on, else, you will be just a monster breaking an innocent heart.

What you should promise to your partner depends upon the phase of relationship you are in. If you cannot give a name to your relationship yet and are just dating, refrain from making any big promises but if you two have decided to take things ahead, then you should promise something that you are sure, you will be able to pull off. It’s the little things that takes the front stage in a relationship. So rather than promising a wedding or a diamond ring, promise something that could make the relationship stronger. Here are 20 promises that you could make to your partner, to make this bond of love indestructible.


  1. I promise to share the last slice of pizza with you because I love you more than I love a pizza.
  2. I promise to eat whatever you cook for me without complaining about it at all.
  3. I promise not to call you by cheesy names like baby, babes or pumpkin.
  4. I promise to listen to you whenever you need me to, with utmost attention.
  5. I promise never to go to sleep with angry mood. We will resolve our fight before hitting the pillow.
  6. I promise that no matter what may come, you will never face any problem alone.
  7. I promise that I will always be honest with you, no matter if it leads to a fight even.
  8. I promise not to put a password on my phone because I have nothing to hide.
  9. After every fight, I will accept that I was wrong and you are right.
  10. I promise I will not steal from your plate and you could have as much fries as you want.
  11. I promise I will not tell anyone what a gossip king/queen you are!
  12. I promise not to tell anyone that you cry like a baby.
  13. I promise to deal with your snoring in a better way rather than punching you.
  14. I promise not to judge you on every silly choice that you will make or have already made.
  15. I promise to kiss you even when you have bad breath.
  16. I promise to take you on a date once a week.
  17. I promise to forgive you at your worst and love you even more.
  18. I promise to be a team with you always, whether it’s world or even family in front of us.
  19. I promise to like all your social media posts.
  20. I promise to grow old with you and love you even more.


These and many more, promises are the tokens of love that are more treasured than a gift. Speaking of gifts, do tell what you plan to give your partner as Valentine Day gift? I am sure you will be excited to share your plan with someone.



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