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What to Know About Livestock Management Software


In the U.S., the cattle industry is estimated to have the highest value of livestock production at over $50 billion, followed by poultry, hogs, and pigs. No matter what type of livestock you have, livestock management software can be essential for managing it, with everything you need for proper control over your farm. 

The software can record and track livestock from birth to sale and everything in between. Here’s what you need to know about its capabilities, which can include everything from reporting to financial, inventory, and data management.

Management of Feed

The feed consumption of livestock is a critical part of the efficiency of any farm or ranch. Livestock management software can help you keep track of how much food is consumed by individual animals and then provide data that makes it easy to calculate cost estimates to make a quick, informed decision. Recording feed data over the long term makes it easier to see if grazing patterns or dietary changes have a noticeable impact on the livestock’s productivity and health. If the animals undergo dietary changes or receive supplements, it can also show you the effects on herds over time.

Better Organization

As your livestock and farm are one, everything on the property from equipment and cattle to yield, finance, and customers are interconnected, making it a must to have a system that you can rely on to keep everything organized all in one place. The synchronization of tasks is an essential first step toward growth and success.

Detailed Individual Records Throughout the Animals’ Lives

While ranchers and farmers with lots of animals can particularly benefit from a software’s extensive recordkeeping features, an operation of any size is likely to enjoy better success by keeping detailed records of all livestock. It can include data like breed, gender, birth date, weight, nutrition, and overall performance. The files can be continuously updated so that you know what’s going on with any animal at any given moment with only a few clicks. 

Tracking Pedigrees

Trying to track pedigrees for a significant number of animals gets complicated quickly. Still, with livestock management software, you’ll be able to trace all your sires, dams, siblings, and offspring swiftly. This helps to keep breeding costs under control and aid in the production of higher quality offspring without as much guesswork.

Improved Yields

When you have the right tools to manage your ranch or farm, your yields are likely to improve without having to do anything else. Livestock management software will save a lot of time when it comes to managing records, maintaining data, reports, and more. The time saved can be used for core activities instead, which means better performance and improved yields. 

Simple Accounting

Few farmers or ranchers enjoy the accounting part of the job, but livestock management software can make the task easier. Existing accounting software can be incorporated into it, or a whole new custom accounting system can be designed according to your needs. You’ll be able to access any necessary information for financials quickly and hassle-free, reducing all that paperwork and the headache that often comes with keeping books in order.



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