What To Do When You Get Injured In A Stadium?


Many people arguably claim that watching sports live from a stadium is the only way to capture the experience fully. From the bleachers, you can see all the moves your favourite player is making, capture unedited emotion and get to cheer along with your fellow fans. However, many people fail to realize that the thrill of a stadium comes with its fair share of risks to your safety. 

From slip and falls due to slippery floors to electrocution by faulty connections, many are the risks you are bound to meet with as you cheer your favourite team or athletes on the field or track. So here is what to do when you get injured in a stadium.

Steps To Take When You Get Injured In A Stadium

1. Determine the Intensity of Your Injury

As soon as you get into an accident in the stadium, it is wise to scan your body for the extent of injuries you sustained from the accident. Is it just a bruise or graze or severe damage that may require you to seek urgent medical attention? In some cases, a slip and fall may result in minor or no injuries. You do not have any legal grounds to file a claim against the stadium owner in such cases.

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2. Seek Medical Attention

It is always wise to seek medical attention immediately after a stadium accident. This will help you ensure that you were not severely hurt. If you were seriously injured, seeking medical counsel is the first step to ensuring the liable party compensates you. In most cases, the stadium owner is the one who will pay you for the injuries sustained in the stadium.

3. File A Report With The Stadium

After an injury, before leaving the stadium, ensure that you have filed a report with the relevant stadium authority. When you do, insist that they give you a written statement detailing the accident. Failure to do this will later haunt your case if the owners decide to deny the charges you raise against them. Thus, the sooner you file the report, the better it is for you. In addition, shrewd managers may claim that you did not sustain your injuries on their premises. You, therefore, need a documented acknowledgement that you got injured on their premises.

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4. Gather Evidence From The Accident Scene

While still at the accident scene, gather as much evidence as you can to support your claim. For example, you may want to take photographs of the scene that will prove that your accident resulted from the stadium owner’s negligence. Such pictures include a leaking roof that may have been the cause of the slippery floor that made you fall. Other negligent errors may consist of exposed wiring, a poorly constructed pavement or a loosely fitted bleacher.

5. Hire An Experienced Lawyer

Personal injury claims are generally complicated lawsuits. Whether they involve stadiums or private premises, they are never a walk in the park. For this reason, you need an experienced lawyer to represent you as you try to get compensated. However, with proper legal counsel, you will be surprised at how much easier the claims process can become.

6. File A Personal Injury Claim

You cannot be compensated unless you take the final and crucial step of filing your injury claim. The sooner you file your claim, the better it is for you. You should bear in mind that different states have various statutes of limitations. 

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Take The Easy Way

For you to be compensated for your injuries, you have to prove that it resulted from negligence. This may be very hard. However, a visit to the Law Offices of Dennis Smith will significantly make it easier for you and increase your chances of getting compensated.