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What to Do After a Car Accident: An 7-Step Guide


Getting involved in an accident is terribly frightening and dealing with its aftermath is overwhelming. Your mind is racing and you’re unsure what to do next. This 7-step guide will help prepare you if you’re ever involved in an accident

With many problems to address it’s easy to question the timeline for resolving your car accident case. Anderson & Anderson offer a timeline for car accident claims in Florida to help you understand the timeline from their perspective.

Consequences of Car Accidents

Car accidents bring physical injuries and other potential consequences. It may cost you hefty medical bills, and the inability to work leading to financial setbacks. Knowing the steps to take after a motor vehicle injury saves you a lot of physical, emotional, and financial strain.

What Are the Steps to Take After a Car Accident?

1. Check For Injuries

Injuries can cost you more than a fortune in medical bills, but your life. Not all injuries present themselves immediately but still pose a treat to your health. A medical evaluation after an accident will address obvious and hidden injuries. This process also provides medical history you’ll need when pursuing your car accident claim.

2. Go to a Safe Place

If you are not seriously injured, move to a safer place to avoid further carnage. Walk to the side of the road where bystanders can help make emergency calls. If you can, take pictures of the accident scene, then move your car to the side only if it’s blocking the road.

3. Call 911

Call the police to the scene. They can help address your needs, move your car when necessary and most importantly they will create an official police report. Obtain a copy for your records as this will be used as evidence in your injury claim.

4. Record the Drivers Details

When possible, it is always recommended you swap information with other drivers, bystanders and witnesses as this information may become vital in your pursuit for compensation.

5. Gather Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

Take photos of the accident and record the accident number from the police officer handling the case. Write down your version, after which you can note names, contact details, and addresses of witnesses. They help in providing details of the accident and when filing your claim.

6. Reach Out to an Accident Lawyer

Accident lawyers can alleviate the stress of handling the details of your claim. They can help you calculate damages, gather evidence, negotiate with insurers and protect your compensation from negative scrutiny.

7. Call Your Insurance Company

Calling your insurance company is one way to initiate a claim. They will confirm the basic facts of the accident and record your version of events. Consult your attorney first to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of by an insurer. They are a for-profit business and will look for any way possible to diminish or deny your settlement.

Life after a Car Accident

You have the worst experiences during car accidents. Their severity can increase even after the accident. To avoid this, you need to know the steps to take after a car accident to help you be safe and get the justice you deserve.



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