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What rank does India hold in journalism? Is it holding a low freedom rank?


Wanna know about the rank of India in journalism? Everyone takes interest in knowing such questions. In the following article, you will get the answer to all expected questions. Among 180 countries, it is not easy that one country will hold the first position in every field. But one can enhance the skill and should follow the rules of the topper to gain the position. All we know about the happenings in the world or countries with the help of the media. Journalists play a big role in the life of every person. India is included under bad journalism and it is one of the dangerous places for journalists. 

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) which is a French NGO, has produced the World Press Freedom Index 2021 where India has gained 142nd rank out of 180 countries. Don’t you think? India is very back in the field of journalism according to the report by RSF. According to the report of 2016, the rank of India was 133. It climbed down and reached 142 in 2020. It was said by the RSF that India is one of the dangerous countries in the world which is trying to do their job properly. Every kind of news including attacks, local corrupted news, police violence is exposed by them. So, India has a low freedom rank among 180 countries in the world. 

What is the rank of neighboring countries of India in journalism?

  • Nepal is at 106, 
  • Sri Lanka at 127, and 
  • Myanmar holds 140 rank
  • Pakistan and Bangladesh secured 145 and 152 ranks 

Some other countries which are at the bottom are as follows:-

  • China (177), 
  • North Korea (179) and 
  • Turkmenistan (178). 

Again, it is Norway which maintained their position at the top. Holding the top position is not very easy among 180 countries. 

What can be the reason behind bad journalism in India? 

As we know that India is a democratic country where you will find Hindutva ideology. India is considered as bad in journalism or a dangerous country for journalists due to party politics. It may be due to the feeling of anti-national and anti-states which make it a bad position in the index of journalism. According to one of the reports, the outcome was that Indian journalists were terrified of saying anything against the Hindutva ideology. Four journalists were killed because of their connection in 2020. These all are the reason behind saying India is a dangerous country for journalists. What should be the rank of a country in journalism where ministers say about neutralizing? If you will go through the conclusion of all the reports regarding media freedom in India, then it will make you sad. In one word its position or rank speaks its reality. 

So, the rank of journalism can be low among 180 countries but it can be improved. Up downs in ranking happens. Hope India will take their position soon. There will be a time when India will also be at the top in the field of journalism. 



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