Weirdest things that took place in 2020


A year before who would have thought that 2020 will become such a mess with Covid-19. However, Corona is not the only weird thing that took place in 2020. A lot many other things happened. Kanye West went to join the presidential race but dropped out, Olympics got postponed, X AE A-12 was born. So here’s a list of the weirdest things that took place in 2020.

Missing Star:

Phones, clothes, objects even people can go missing. Have you ever heard of a star gone missing? The Atlantic, a star 75 million light years away is no more seen. Scientists think that the star collapsed instantly without explosion of supernova.

Mystery of Drones:

Two states of US Colorado and Nebraska had people complaining about mysterious high speed drones flying in a pattern in the night sky.

Hornets and Locust:

These little creatures gave people a bad headache at Washington and US-Canadian borders. Similarly, Indian subcontinent suffered from attack of locust.

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Covid-19 got stolen

A viral video is the proof of the culprit entering and escaping with samples of blood in Uttar Pradesh. However, funnily enough the culprit was a monkey.

Poland invades Czech Republic, accidentally:

The reason was a minor misunderstanding between Polish military and Czech authorities. So, they invaded and captured a part of Czech land. However, once the misunderstanding was cleared up; the military retreated.


It is not the first time someone has made a cry for action against UFO. However, this time it was the US Department of Defence releasing videos of UFOs. Now, this videos have always been around. However, the Government never said anything until now.

New planet discovered:

Space science makes many discoveries every year. However, they are restricted to researches done by scientists in centres like NASA. This year a new planet was discovered by a high school boy. This 17 year old kid was on an internship with NASA.

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The British Royal Family went to America.

One of the most famous royal couples, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle dropped out of the senior royal family status and moved to America. This royal resignation is termed as Megixt. They are financially independent and working for Netflix.

Subway Bread isn’t Bread:

Subway had started the famous marketing campaign of in house bread. However, the tables turned when the court ruled out their bread because it had 10% sugar.

A green puppy:

Dogs are man’s best friend. There are so many varieties. Have you heard about a green dog? No, not in the cartoon, drawing or dream. In reality! Yes, in October a puppy was born with green colour which he got because of biliverdin present in his mother’s womb. None of his siblings had the effect. He was named Pistachio.

Let it Out:

A scream therapy for Icelandic people included recording your scream and registering on the program. The scream would be played on a speaker at some scenic place.

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So, these are some of the weirdest things that took place in 2020. Which one do you think tops everyone else? Tell us in the comments below.