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Weirdest Guinness Record of All Time


The Guinness Book of World records is a record in itself. It takes note of everything that has no alternative. Everything means everything! So Guinness Book of World Records has some of the weirdest records in it. Here is a list of the Weirdest Guinness Record of All Time.

The Longest Tongue

Nick Stoeberl has been nicknamed ‘The Lick’. Belonging to Monterey, California, Nick has 10.10 cm since 2012! He is noted in the Guinness World records as the person with the most extended tongue.

Strechiest Skin

Garry Turner can stretch the skin of his stomach up to 6.25 inches! He has a medical condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It is a connective-tissue disorder where the collagen becomes defective. It causes loosening of skin and hyper-mobile joints. Garry doesn’t even feel any pain.

Longest Fingernails

America’s Lee Redmond has been growing her nails for thirty years. Her nails have a collective length of 28 feet and 4 inches long in total. Yeah, that long! It makes you wonder how she manages to do anything with her hand.

Longest Moustache

If there can be long fingernails, then there can also be a long moustache. Ram Singh from India has a 14 feet moustache! He hasn’t cut it for 37 years. All the boys should ask him for the beard oil he uses.

Heaviest Thing Lifted With a Moustache

What can you lift with your moustache? A few bit of food, maybe? Antanas Kontrimas of Lithuania raised an entire person of 63.80 kg. He lifted the host of Gupse Özay’ın.

Largest Hairy Family

Families can have a lot in common, apart from their last names. Some have a common hereditary medical condition. Some can have spectacles, etc. The Ramos Gomez family have hair. Now every family has hair, what’s so fresh? Well, this family has hair everywhere, even on faces. All of them suffer from congenital generalized hypertrichosis (excessive facial and torso hair).

Oldest Male Stripper

In 2000, at the age of 60, Berne Barker recovered from prostate cancer. And look at what he decided to do of his new life. He became the oldest male stripper! He continued that for 6 years, after which he died.

Parrot Opening Can

We have heard about talking parrots, haven’t we? But have you heard about a parrot that can open 35 cans in one minute? Yes, weird, but talent still. How many cans can you open in a minute? His name is Zac the Macaw. He lives in San Jose.

Longest Legs

Maci Currin from the USA has legs measuring 135 cm in height! She was just 17 when they counted. Her legs make 60% of her size.

Largest Yo-Yo

Did you play with one as a kid? However, the one who made the record is something you can ride. Beth John has a Yo-Yo of 11 ft 10.75 inches and weighing over 2,095.6 kg.

Most Spoon Balanced on the Body

Dalibor Jablanovic from Serbia balanced 79 spoons on his body back in 2016. Yes, spoons of all sizes and shapes. Again a weird talent.

So these are the Weirdest Guinness Record of All Time. I hope you had fun!



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