Weird Social Media Challenges During The Lockdown


Social media is beneficial, and nowadays, it is a marketing tool. While people often debate over whether social media is a boon or a curse, one can always find entertainment on social media. Apart from this, so many videos, posts, memes, reels, tweets, and IGTVs are a part of social media; one also finds entertainment in the so many challenges within the social media community. And everybody likes to jump on the bandwagon. So, here are some of the weird social media challenges during the lockdown

The Pillow Challenge:

It involves converting your pillow into your couture. Did you do that? When Halle Berry, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Anne Hathaway did it wonderfully. Everyone was wearing their fav PJs, so why not a pillow? This challenge involves wearing your favourite pillow.

Flip the Switch Challenge:

It involved the light switching on and off with people change something about them with every switch on. Some changed their clothes, some changed their poses, while some change their attitudes. This videos where fun to watch and make.

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Doodle Challenge:

We all used to play the guess the letter game in our school days. This involved one friend tracing the letter on your back, and you had to guess it. This challenge was similar. One friend traced a doodle on another friend’s back, who simultaneously traced it on a paper. This was a fun challenge, and people enjoyed it a lot. All sort of Doodles very seen being traced.

Bin Isolation Outing Challenge:

When everyone in Australia got bored of sitting home in PJs, people started a new challenge. The Bin Isolation Outing Challenge. It involved dressing up as a superhero to take the trash out. So we saw Wonder Woman, Cinderella and even Dinosaur taking the trash out.

Patience Challenge:

This was one of the meanest challenges. It involved placing treats in front of the kids and asking them not to touch them until they’re back. It involved checking the patience of the kids. Many people secretly caught their kids on camera. What’s more? People also tested their pets.

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Until Tomorrow:

This was the most easy-to-follow and yet the most formidable challenge. It involved posting your most embarrassing photo on the feed and keeping it for there 24 hours. Nobody was supposed to like it. However, if some oblivious person wanted it, he or she had to follow suit. We saw a lot of funny pictures in this challenge.

Between Art and Quarantine Challenge:

It involved people dressing up as their favourite art subjects. But there was a trick. They had to use the accessories available at home. This challenge got people looking like art portrait adorned with newspaper, toilet paper, and whatnot.

Your First Move is Their Last Move:

This was a fun family game. It involved family members standing in an order. The first member starts to dance. The second person copies and adds a move, the third person copies and adds a third move, so the chain continues.

Trick Shot Challenge:

It involved an attempt to put the ball in the glass through a series of obstacles made from household items like utensils, books, toys, etc. One could easily spend hours trying to get the ball in the glass.

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Gesture Challenge:

It involved two players. One was to stand in front, the other a little behind. The hand gesture made by the first one was replicated by the second one simultaneously in a short series of finger movement.

So, these are some of the weird social media challenges during the lockdown. Which one did you try? Which was the hardest? Tell us in the comments.