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The Most Weird Sleeping Disorders


Switch off all your alarms today! Because today is the World’s Sleep Day, probably the one and only best day in the whole year for some people! 😉 It is a day which is meant to raise awareness about the importance of sleep in our lives, like seriously? Who doesn’t love sleeping here?

It will be shocking to know that many people suffer from sleeping disorders, while many struggle to sleep every night, and some struggle to sleep particularly at night. Majority of the people just ignore all these sleeping disorders and lives with it but the World Sleep Society helps people in recognising the burdens sleep disorders can bring.

he World’s Sleep day is an annual event which is organised every year by the world sleep society in order to spread awareness about the hurdles and problems which can cause an affect on your education, driving, and social living etc. due to the inappropriate sleeping.

While most of the sleep disorders can be avoided or treated, people with sleep disorders doesn’t want to talk about it or seek help from others regarding the issue. The slogan for this year is ‘sleep soundly, nurture life’ to deliver the general message that the quality of life of the sufferers with sleeping disorders can be improved.

Sleep is something we all do every night. But sadly, there are many people for whom sleeping is a problem and some of them are extremely serious. On the event of World’s Sleeping Day, we decided to spread awareness about some of the weird sleeping disorders around the world.


Bruxism is the sleep disorder in which the patient grinds or clenches their jaw during the sleep. It is among the most common sleep disorder and about up to 40 million people are suffering from it. This disorder can cause serious damage to the teeth, hence the treatment is a compulsory thing. It can also cause facial pain, headaches, severe, chronic causes and etc. Most of the people suffering from bruxism doesn’t realise this disorder but they realize it when they develop symptoms like jaw pain and headache.

Night Terror

The night terror is a parasomnia sleep disorder represented by extreme terror and a temporary helplessness to regain the consciousness. The patient wakes up suddenly from the sleep, waking is usually coexisted by moaning, grasping, or screaming. It is usually impossible to fully awaken the patient after the episode, and after the episode the patient goes back to sleep normally. Sometimes it can become extremely dangerous for the person as it can sometimes cause trauma or even they can end up hurting someone while asleep.

Kleine-Levin Syndrome

It is a rare sleep disorder that is represented by the need of excessive amounts of sleeping, it can stretch to sometimes up to 20 hours a day, and it is normally leaded by excessive intake of foods. There is no particular treatment for this syndrome but the excitants includes methylphenidate, amphetamines, amphetamine and modafinil which are used to treat the sleepiness.

We hope that this World’s Sleep Day, people suffering with such disorders might get help to treat themselves and get a good sleeping routine to live healthy and happy life.



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