Wedding dress shopping: most common mistakes


Definitely, choosing a wedding look is one of the most reverent and memorable moments in preparation for a long-awaited wedding. However, there are a number of pitfalls in the search for a wedding dress that brides may not even be aware of.

The wedding dress is the first choice on the list for brides. The modern bridal salon JA offers you a huge assortment of wedding dresses in various colors and styles, among which you are guaranteed to find the perfect look for the bride.

Finding the perfect bride dress is not an easy task. Of course, you will have to listen to thousands of advices from relatives and friends, try on more than a dozen dresses to find your ideal image. On the Internet there is a lot of advice on how to choose a dress model and what should be taken into account in this case, based on the characteristics of the figure, skin color and hair. But, unfortunately, many brides, approaching the purchase of a wedding dress very responsibly, make mistakes that do not have a very beneficial effect on the final look. Today we will voice them so that you know exactly what you shouldn’t do when choosing your perfect dress for the most important day.

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To save time, effort and money for future couples, we propose to consider the most common mistakes brides make when choosing a wedding dress.

Purchase on the first day

  The psychologists who help shopaholic clients get rid of the buy mania have a simple piece of advice. Did you like the thing? Don’t buy it, leave the store and wait a week. Still thinking about this thing? Then you definitely need to come back for it. You should do the same with a wedding dress. We do not recommend purchasing it immediately after the first fitting. You need to leave the studio, think, look at more options in our magazine. If it still haunts you, then definitely come back for it.

Chasing discounts

You can often see offers from wedding salons for huge discounts – up to 50%. If the store offers branded, good things for little money, do not rush to rejoice. It can be a fake or a dress with obvious defects.

However, if you are not chasing wedding fashion and do not set yourself the goal of getting a top wedding dress from the latest collection, then you can quite count on certain discounts when buying models from previous seasons.

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The corset is pressed into the armpit

The edge of the corset on a wedding dress should not rest against your armpit. First, the abutting edge “squeezes” the ugly fold over the breast. Secondly, such a corset, most likely, will provoke profuse sweating, and you risk the whole wedding to be held with wet spots on the sides.

If the edge of the corset rests, either the corset does not suit you in height, or such a neckline does not suit you.

Exact size

You shouldn’t choose a wedding dress long before the wedding. Of course, since childhood, all girls dream of being a beautiful bride in a perfect dress and with an ideal figure, but this does not mean that you need to buy it a year before the wedding. Fashion presents us with something new and interesting every season, moreover, in a year the bride washes to lose weight or, on the contrary, to pick up a couple of extra pounds, which can affect the appearance of an already purchased dress. And perhaps with the new collection your perfect dress will arrive, in which you will be delighted.

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When choosing a dress, buy it in your size, you do not need to motivate yourself and take it one size smaller, this only adds to yourself a headache. Don’t get hung up on one model, try on different options.

Poor-quality wedding dress fabric

Now about the quality of fabrics. If your wedding is during a warm or hot season, I would recommend avoiding buying a wedding dress made from cheap synthetic fabrics. They practically do not allow your skin to breathe, as a result of which you overheat, the complexion does not change for the better, and the bride sweats in such a dress much more intensely.

How to spot poor-quality fabric? Its first signs are the presence of a bluish or lilac shade, a cheap “nylon” shine, it wrinkles a lot. Believe me, it is insanely difficult to put in order a dress made of such fabrics, and such a dress will lose its presentation faster than your holiday ends.