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Wear Eye-Glasses? 6 Great Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd


If you wear glasses and are concerned about your look, the good news is that there has never been a greater choice of styles and lenses to complement your style. But with so many options, how can you ensure that your glasses become a fashion accessory that helps you stand out from the crown!

Go For The Latest Trends

In 2021, geometric shapes have made a huge comeback. Square and rectangular frames, often quite heavy, make a bold statement. Cat-eye shapes can offer a playful, feminine touch, or large round shapes in black add a bookish, retro feel to any outfit.

Use Colour Creatively 

While transparent frames are best when you want to show off your fabulous eye-shadow, colored frames can be used to complement whatever color the rest of your outfit is. Even if you’re conservatively dressed for the office, red eyeglass frames can add a touch of individuality to your look without detracting from your professional presentation.

Consider Lens Colour

It’s not only about the frames you choose! Use interestingly colored lenses to accentuate the shape of your face. For example, if you choose large cat-eye frames for your prescription sunglasses, choose an unexpected lens color such as rose pink or dark blue, and consider adding a gradient to give an extra hint of old-school Hollywood glamour as you wear them around town.

Use Coloured Ear-Grips  

If you’re sticking to dark brown or black frames and clear lenses, there are still a couple of ways to enhance their appearance without going overboard or looking too quirky. Consider investing in some bright-colored ear grips, which will add a splash of color – they don’t cost a lot, so they can be changed to reflect your mood and outfit on any given day. 


If, like many of us, you need to put your glasses on and take them off repeatedly, there’s some good news! Glasses chains, long considered the preserve of grannies and elderly gentlemen, came back into fashion a couple of years ago and are now considered uber-chic, as well as practical. Top designers produce them in many different styles, from the classic and understated gold chain to multicoloured wooden beads, jewel-studded, even biker style! Better still, make your own! So put an end to those frustrating ‘where did I put my glasses?’ moments, and never lose your expensive sunnies when you leave the café again.  

Coordinate With Your Outfits

We all know that clever coordination is the key to looking good. We’d never dream of wearing the same pair of shoes all the time or only having one handbag to take with us everywhere. So the key to getting noticed for your fashion-forward eyewear is to invest in a variety of styles and colors to change into as the occasion and your mood dictates. This way, your glasses will never become boring or invisible – and you’ll attract positive attention as you express your unique sense of style.



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