Watch this video of Salman Khan playing with his adorable nephew, Ahil.


Stop whatever you are doing now and get ready to witness one of the cutest things that are going viral on the internet now! You have an amazing surprise from little sultan who is none other than our Salman Khan’s nephew Ahil. While it is already well known that our Sultan is loving to spend time with his nephew but this video is a lovely proof and it is too adorable to watch. Ahil’s daddy wanted to share this ridiculously sweetest fight ever with everyone so she shared this video on Twitter. We all are curious about Salman’s off screen persona. Well, here is the treat for everyone who waited to see that. In this Video Salman is singing ‘Main hoon hero tera’ song to Ahil while Arpita Khan holding him in her arms, and Lil’ Ahil’s response for that will take you to the next level of surprise!