Upper Back Pain : Identifying and Dealing with All the Causes


It should be known that due to the great stability and strength of the upper back spinal area, such painful experiences are usually uncommon but once you are affected, the feeling can be quite discomforting. There are several ways to treat the development of such a problem, perennially but to do that one must first know of all discernable causes of it.

Muscular irritation


Most commonly, upper back pains are caused due to irritation within the muscles thus giving rise to a disruption in proper muscular activity in the region which takes the shape of an upper back pain.

Due to overexertion

Often in the case of desk jobs, you are forced to sit on a chair with your upper back in tension for long hours. Such a habit causes joint dysfunction which causes upper back pain in most cases.

Improper body posture


A lot of people are in the habit of slouching when they sit or stand. The maintenance of such a habit culminates into the development of a perennial upper back pain which refuses to go away.

Tissues getting affected

A myofascial disruption can in a lot of cases hamper the working of connective tissues of a certain muscle or a group of muscles thus causing an upper back pain.

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Accidental jolts

A lot of times, it is possible to incur a grave upper back pain due to a sudden jolt caused in the body because of an accidentally made dicey movement such as a jerking of a car or being suddenly pulled downwards.

Due to osteoarthritis

Pain in back

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints when cartilages, cushioning the tiny facet joints in the spine collapse. In such a case, the backbones get rubbed together producing pain in the upper back region if the portion is affected.

Fracture in the vertebrae

When a lot of force is put into the spine resulting in a fracture in the bone, the only symptom to discern so is by the insistence of the upper back pain that does not heal for several days.

A misshaped spine

In the case of people suffering from kyphosis or scoliosis who have spines that are oddly shaped, upper back pains are natural. This happens due to the non-linear shape of the spine wherein it is curved and unfit for a lot of physical exercises.

A herniating disc

A situation of a hernia can occur in the discs of your spine if one of the small and spongy ones break open or get bulged creating pressure on the nerves. These discs useful for cushioning of the spine then causes an upper back pain.

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In case of spinal stenosis

X- ray of man showing in red where he's having acute pain

When ligaments, bones and disc tissues clog up the opening of the spinal canal through which the spinal cord runs, it puts pressure on the nerves that are branching out of the spinal cord causing an upper back pain in most cases.

Disease, causing degeneration of the discs

During the course of time, with age, the discs present within your spine are subject to wear and tear and thus degenerate. There is a subsequent loss noticed in the fluidity of discs and tiny cracks giving rise to an upper back pain.

Due to injuries

Injuries directed right at the upper back region which causes a disruption in the blood circulation around the spinal cord area can also give birth to a back pain which has never been noticed before.

For gallbladder diseases

gall bladder

In a lot of cases, the spreading of gallbladder diseases which have been kept untreated can also begin to start an upper back pain with no distinct damages caused to the spine.

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Development of infections

Certain cases of internal or external infections can also cause a painful feeling in the upper area of your back for the simple reason of it being the affected area and do not necessarily have to point to a disturbance of the spinal function in the body.

Could be cancerous

In rare cases, a persistent upper back pain may not have any orthopedic causes and point to something seemingly implausible. In such cases, careful prognosis indicates towards a cancerous development around the region.

Advice Of A Professional

It is important that you not ignore a persistent upper back pain because doing so often tends to render it a perennial problem that you have to make your peace with. Nothing can replace the advice of a certified doctor and therefore seek help if you are suffering from the problem.

Depending on the severity of the pain, your doctor may prescribe you an opioid analgesic such as Tramadol. It’s important to discuss the possible side effects of Tramadol with your doctor as it may take your body a while to adjust to this medication.