Unlock India- 5 Musts against Corornavirus Anxiety


The Unlock India phase has started. Over last six-seven months, Coronavirus has raged a pandemic worldwide making everybody anxious. The entire globe was on a standstill with many countries facing total lockdown. Yet, we don’t have a potent antidote. Each one of us is scared and has to deal with coronavirus anxiety. The feelings are natural. However, we cannot stay inside the house for the rest of our lives. With the Government planning to Unlock India, we need to be more careful now. As tough as it seems, it is important that we fight and stay strong both mentally and physically. Here are some ways to stay put in this catastrophic situation.

Staying Updated:

It’s important to daily check the news more than ever. The news is your only window to outside world. However, don’t obsessively research on each and every thing. It will only increase your anxiety. Also, make sure the news comes from creditable sources. Don’t spread unchecked messages on social media. This is the major cause of anxiety during these days. Unchecked messages without any proper background are in circulation on every social media. Do cross check everything before you decide to believe it.  If you come across something that you find baseless do not forward it and ask the sender to revoke and stop spreading fake news.

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Make a check list of all the preventive accessories. Make sure you carry them while you leave the house. This includes masks, sanitizers, face-shields, gloves etc. according to your need. Further, carry your own water bottles and tiffins. If you are a working professional, carry all items required to keep your work desk/ cubicle clean including a screen cleaner for your mobiles and laptops. The static charged electronic screens attract a lot of bacteria and viruses.

Stay Healthy:

In the end, Corona is a disease that won’t care for age, race or gender. Work on increasing your immunity. If the carbs found their way to you, after weeks of lockdown and work from home, start a workout regime to stay active. You can also consult your family doctor for a more customised guidance. Take extra care of the elderly person and diseased of the family.

Constant Vigilance:

The streets are open for you now. Although, the virus is still out there. Do not let your guards down unnecessarily. Follow all the public issued guidelines and rules to stay out of trouble. Also, avoid going into extremely crowded place. Each of us is responsible for our own hygiene. In addition, maintain good hygienic habits.

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 Help others:

Nothing feels as good as extending a hand to others. If you are seriously anxious about Corona Virus, remember that there are many without proper facilities. Use your Coronavirus anxiety wisely to help such people. Do extend a hand and try to spread awareness about the social conduct during Unlock. Also, do not prejudice against the treated patients of the virus if they are declared ‘Negative’ against the virus.

In the end, Coronavirus is a disease. Undoubtedly, with proper care and presence of mind it can be easily defeated. Let’s make Unlock India successful.