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27 Psychological Facts You Need to Know


Psychology is the master of all your emotions. Your psychological graph decides your emotional stability. Your mind takes care of your psychology. The threads of your preconceived notions, your subconscious mind, your unsaid words or perhaps your suppressed feelings all are somehow connected to your mind which shapes up your psychological patterns. As a result of which your daily life actions talk about your Psychology. The way you talk, the way you sit, the way you laugh, the way you behave, the way you act when you miss someone each of them has something to reveal about your psychological periphery.

Every day we come across different people with their unique traits but actually don’t give it a thought about why they are so. Is it just their personality or a psychological factor is working behind it? It is obvious that we have known some talkative people at some point in our life, but is it just their nature or they are trying to hide behind their words? The friend of yours who cracks up a joke every minute maybe tries hard to cover up his grieves with his jokes. Your sweating hands is not because of the humidity but because of your anxiety. Biting nails might not be a bad habit, but can be a sign of some nervousness. Someone who sleeps with multiple pillows around her is not only because she loves to be cozy but also because she is suffering from loneliness. Your actions and body language reveal your psychology which you might be unaware of.

Here are 27 psychological facts you need to know.

#1. The colder the room you sleep in, the greater chances are that you’ll have a bad dream.

According to psychologists too cold or too hot temperature can be the reason behind your nightmare. Certain extreme temperatures generate a sense of discomfort which leads to some bad dreams which you were not expecting.

#2. When a person cries and the first drop of tear comes from the right eye, it’s from happiness. But the first drop of tear comes out from the left eye, it’s pain. 

It is not always that someone cries just out of sadness, at times there are tears of joy as well, sometimes your nose flows too. The fall of your tears talks about your emotions.

#3. Studies show that 90% of the people wish they could back in time and tell themselves everything that they know now. 

#4. Biting the skin around your nails or pulling the top layer of the skin off your lips are signs of developing anxiety disorders. 

Biting your nails might be considered as a bad habit, people might question your sense of hygiene, but this habit of yours reveals the psychological issues you are going through.

#5. The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the harder you fall for that individual.

Because when we put an effort to hide something the constant thought of that particular thing/person hangs in our mind and we tend to fail to get over it.

 #6. Men are more attracted to women wearing red. 

Colors can also play with psychology, colors like red which are bright and vibrant seem to attract more people.

#7. Studies show that a person who loses his/her cellphone experiences a panic similar to a near-death experience. 

A sense of belonging plays an important role in human psychology, it can affect the psychological equilibrium.

#8. Psychology says that people who sleep with multiple pillows are often lonely and depressed.

That is why they surround themselves with pillows to feel cozy and try to believe that they are surrounded by people.

#9. People are more likely to cry at night because a lack of sleep makes emotion hard to control.

And the darkness and silence of night give out a negative and lonely vibe.

#10. Any friendship that exceeds 7 years mark is more than likely to last an entire lifetime.

Because that is a long period of attachment and people usually can not cut off the bond.

#11. When your mood is not good without any reason means you’re missing someone.

missing someone is an abstract feeling and we are usually unable to express it properly, which tends to sink down our mood.

#12. Constantly dreaming about someone may indicate that they’re actually missing or thinking about you quite a lot. 

It is said that we often dream about things and people who are always there in our subconscious mind.

#13. Boys fight to solve things, while girls fight to just make you understand that something is wrong, psychology says. 

There is some basic difference in the nature of boys and girls, their way of expressing is also different from each other be it expressing love or picking a fight.

#14. 70% of people claim to be okay when they’re not because it is really hard to find people who really care and listen.

also, they feel that explaining or expressing their emotions would be difficult for others to understand.

#15. If you part your hair on the right side, you were born to be carnivorous and if you part your hair on the left, you’re physical and psychological makeup is that of a vegetarian. 

It is not only your body language, nature r habits that talk about your psychology but also your dressing sense and hairstyle can do the work as well.

#16. Cheaters tend to think everyone cheats. Liars tend to think everyone lies. 

We try to find our reflection in others, we expect that whatever we do ,we shall get that back. If we are good to someone then we expect that we will get something good from them in return.

#17. When a person talks less and talks fast, he is keeping a secret.

they talk less in fear of revealing the secret they are holding and talk fast to end the conversation as soon as possible, they also avoid eye contact.

#18. When a person laughs too much, even on silly jokes, he/she is sad inside. 

and tries to cover up his/her sadness and sorrow with the laughter.

#19. People with low self-esteem are more likely to criticize or put others down to make themselves feel better.

but they can not stand if someone criticizes them.

#20. A genuine smile wrinkles the corners of the eyes and changes the expression of face. Fake smiles only involve the mouth and lips.

It is said when you smile your eyes smile too. How much a smile is genuine can easily be understood from the eyes.

#21. If it takes more than 4 months for a person to move on, then it probably loves. 

Feelings develop, feelings fade away. Few people can easily move on but some of them need time to heal.

#22. People who spend more time in the sun are likely to be happier. 

Because of the warm and positive solar energy. Your surrounding plays an important role to lift your mood up.

#23. Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person. Psychology says, the smarter you are, the more selective you become. 

#24. Happy people are more likely to fall in love. 

Love can happen anytime, with anyone. But it is seen broken people do not easily fall in love because they need time to trust others.

#25. Mental Pain is increased by pretending you are okay when you’re not.

and the constant effort you make to hide our true feelings and grieves acts as a burden with increases the emotional pain.

#26. The more you tell about your dreams to others, the less likely you’re to achieve them, a study has revealed. 

#27. The best person in your life is the one you think about after you read this.

It often becomes hard to decide who is the best person for us. It has been seen that the first person that comes to our mind when we come across something special, tends to be the best person in our life.



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