Unknown facts about Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo Da Vinci the Italian painter known for the world-famous painting of Mona Lisa is quite a famous man even after almost 6 centuries of his birth. He was born in 1452. The Renaissance man is a popular topic amongst artists. Here are some of the unknown facts about Leonardo Da Vinci.


A polymath is a person who possess many diverse skills. Leonardo was not only a painter but an engineer, writer, philosopher, innovator, architect, and what not. The word polymath was suited him better than anyone else.

No last name:

You sincerely didn’t thing of Da Vinci as a last name did you? If you did, you are wrong. Da Vinci can be translated to of Vinci a place in Italy. He had no last name.

Illegitimate child:

Leonardo’s parents were never married. He was born out of wedlock to a peasant named Catherine and a wealthy notary Ser Piero.

No formal education.

For such an intelligent individual Leonardo surprisingly had no formal education. He self-taught himself many things.

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Painting wasn’t his primary occupation.

The whole world who knows Leonardo will tell you he was a painter. However, it wasn’t he most sought occupation. Only 17 works of his are surviving till date. As compared to other artists of same age it is not much.

Reverse Writing:

As it is common with intelligent folks, he was an eccentric man. He had a typical style of writing. He wrote in reverse script. All the letters and words in mirror image. It was sort of a deliberate dyslexia.


Yes, Leonardo was Homosexual. What can we say? It was his choice. Although, at that time it was quite a sin.

Human Bodies:

This is the reason why Leonardo was so well known. He had the most accurate knowledge of the human body as any person of his time can gain and was a level above all. He had a passion for anatomy. For this knowledge, Leonardo used to exhume bodies in Milan hospital. Another reason for him being considered as heretic by many.

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His notebook is owned by Bill Gates.

Leonardo kept many journals and notebook in which he wrote his thoughts, ideas and observations. One such surviving book is Codex Hammer or Codex Leicester. It is owned by Bill Gates. The book contains Leonardo’s thoughts and musings on natural phenomena like blue colour of sky, luminosity. It dates between 1506 and 1510. Bill Gates purchased it for $30.8 million in 1994.

His grave is Unknown:

This is again new for a famous man. Leonardo was well known during his day. He died at 65 in France and was forced to leave Italy due to political upheaval. He was buried at Collegiate Church of Saint Florentine at Château d’Amboise. However, the church was destroyed in the French Revolution. So his last resting place is unknown.

So these are some of the unknown facts about Leonardo Da Vinci. The man continues to be a legend even after centuries of his life. He had made many contributions to various disciplines that have made him a valuable for eternity.