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Unique lakes of India: 7 Scenic Beauties


One of the most geographically beautiful aspects is a lake. Rich in biodiversity, lakes play an important role in the natural habitat of the region. There are many lakes in India, big and small. However, some of them have unique attributes. Here’s a list of all the unique lakes of India.


Situated in Kerala it is the longest lake in the country. Kerala is known for its scenic backwaters and sky touching palms and coconuts. It is 96.5 km long and through its course, it shows a variety of features including coastal backwaters, lagoons, mangroves and marshes. Also, the Nehru Trophy boat race takes place in this lake.


If you visit this lake in winters you will find it adorned with a pink flamingo. Chilka Lake is the winter ground of flamingo and many other migratory birds. Further, this is the second largest brackish water lake in the world after New Caledonian barrier reef and it is the largest brackish water lake in India.


It is the largest freshwater lake in the country located in the north easier state of Manipur. The aerial view of Lotak will fascinate you as it will be unlike anything seen. It is because of its characteristic feature, the circular floating swamps. These look like small islands in the lake. Further, the Keibul Lamjao National park, the world’s only floating national park is located here.


This lake cherishes the title of being the largest man made freshwater lake in the country. It is built in Koyna dam of Maharashtra state. The lake is around 80m deep and 50 km long. Also, it is popular amongst tourist for water sports.


Pangong Tso lake (Pangong lake) is one of the high altitude lakes in India. You must have seen this lake in the famous Amir Khan starer 3 Idiots. Further, situated in the cold desert, the lake is a marvel to anyone who visits it. Further, its serene blue water will fill visitors with calm.


The lake in the background of a desert has a different charm to it. Despite of being inland, the Sambhar lake is a salt water lake. The salt comes from the soil in the region which is enriched with natural salts. The lake is therefore valuable for producing salt in the region. It is seen in many Hindi movies like Veer, Delhi-6 and Highway.


The lake of flowers, the Jewel of Srinagar are the titles beheld by the famous Dal Lake. The beautiful serene waters in the backdrop of snow-covered peaks of Himalayas is a site that makes Kashmir heaven on earth. Also, the lake is famous for its Shikara or taxi boat service. It is captured in the ‘Taarif Karun Kya uski’ song of Shammi Kapoor in the movie Kashmir ki Kali.

So, these are the unique lakes of India. There are many other beautiful lakes in the country. However, the features of these seven lakes are unparallel.



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