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Types of Coverage You’ll Get with a Rental Property Insurance as a Landlord


Landlord insurance is designed to safeguard you, the owner, from financial losses. Physical property and liability coverage are both included herein. The former enables you to undertake repairs on your damaged rented home and any detached structure like a fence or garage on your premises. Even equipment like a snowblower or lawnmower used for the upkeep of your rental property is covered.

Insurance for rental property also includes landlord liability protection. If you are found responsible for injuring your tenant, your liability coverage pays for your legal expenses and that individual’s medical bills. Landlord insurance does not cover the following:

  • Maintenance of the dishwasher or furnace in your leased property
  • Sharing your property by renting out only one room or floor of your home while still residing there
  • Your tenant’s personal belongings, which include clothing, jewelry, furniture, electronics, etc

Leasing your home to a couple or family for six months or more demands you purchase a rental dwelling policy. Though you spend more on such coverage than you do on a standard homeowner’s policy, it is worth your investment. There are added risks involved when you rent your property, and only an appropriate insurance policy offers financial relief.

You can limit the risk exposure on your property before renting it out by executing the listed steps:

  • Purchase a rental property insurance policy which offers maximum protection to you, the landlord
  • Have your lease agreement legally vetted to rule out loopholes and ambiguity
  • Insist your tenant submits proof of renters insurance purchased before signing the contract
  • Clean and repair your property to reduce the chances of injuries and resultant claims

As a landlord, the standard coverage types you are entitled to when purchasing insurance for rental property include:

Dwelling and Secondary Structure Coverage

Besides covering your principal rented home and the attached deck and greenhouse, even detached structures on your property are insured. The secondary structures include a shed, barn, or garage located within your residential premises.

Liability Coverage

Your tenant may sustain injuries owing to an accident attributed to the uneven flooring, poor lighting, or slippery rug present in your rented property. As a result, you are liable to face legal action, which does not prove a financial burden thanks to your landlord’s insurance.

Coverage for Loss of Rental Income

You may need to carry out repair or restoration work on your rental property because of fire or natural calamity damage. In such cases, your unit becomes temporarily inhabitable, and in the absence of a tenant, you lose out on monthly rentals. 

Loss of rental income coverage sustains you for 12 months at a stretch. Here, you continue to receive payments you would have earned from your tenant if they could still lease your property.

Medical Coverage

The medical treatment costs of the victim who has an accident within your rented premises are duly covered herein. Rental property insurance allows you to bear the cost of ambulance transportation, medical care to even follow-up treatments advised for the accident victim.

Add-On Coverage

Burglary coverage covers the cost of repairing your rental structure and even replacing personal items stolen from within and around your property. If vandals damage your rental premises and, in the process, ruin your property maintenance tools, vandalism coverage taken protects you. 

It covers the costs involved in repairing damaged buildings and replacing written-off equipment. Tree trimmers and lawnmowers fall under the category of equipment used to maintain your leased property.

Ordinance coverage defrays any unexpected expenses associated with compliance issues. ‘Under construction’ coverage protects you even before your rental property is occupied. 

Rental insurance policy safeguards your most valuable asset so take advantage of this facility. For unbiased advice, rely on an experienced insurance agency that solely focuses on client interests.



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