Home News Twitter trolled Myntra for Scroll Droll’s fault.

Twitter trolled Myntra for Scroll Droll’s fault.


On Wednesday , Myntra leading e-commerce site was trolled on twitter for hurting religious sentiments of Hindu’s. An offensive ad was published by other agency where Myntra was largely affected.

The as exhibited an animated scene from epic Mahabharata depicting the famous episode when Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas, was disrobed in the Kaurava court. In the advertisement, Lord Krishna, who came to Draupadi’s rescue, is seen shopping for an extra long saree from Myntra in the poster. Despite other publications by Scroll Droll, which involved Hindu gods and Social media websites, Maybe this was condemned for Insulting a woman.

These are  the other publications made by Scroll Droll which involved God and Technology.




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