5 Reasons why Animals Attack Humans – Animal Attack Compilation


Do you know what is fear of animal phobia called “Zoophobia”. Well the fear of wild animals is called “Arizoophobia”. It is said that nearly more than 8.5 million people in the world are being attacked by animals and many of them are not surviving. Here is a brief research which states the reason for Animal attacks

Why do animals attack ?

Usually the animals have very less vision. They can’t see promptly like a human could see. Oh yeah they don’t have Google spectacles too (Wink). So what would you do when you see a uninvited guest in your home ? An ambush would be your answer. Exactly the same happens here. When a human enter into the range of animal site then they would ambush on you. Just like an anti virus in computer attacking on the virus instantly. Usually wild animals will have some sectors in the places they leave. They would make them as their living places and would not like to see any other animal or non animal entering in to that site. So a person who enters into this range (How do you enter ?? with maps and GPS) would get attacked.Scientists say this attacks should be treated as an act of panic than an act of intelligence.  So enter at your own risk. So why were we discussing about the vision initially ? Animals could see a very less spectrum of colors and that was the reason why the attacks would be so wilder as they don’t know on what are they attacking. So here is an idea we want to toss., if you are a wild life photographer then wear some lite colors so that you might not get in sight of them. So now you must be thinking why would photographers always wear the Khakhi color in the National Geography channel. Bingo.. !!

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Animals acts can be traced

Thanks to technology we have explored ourselves and we didn’t even spared animals from this. Almost all animals mentality could be analysed these days. Well, the acts of the animals are still un predicted sometimes. So with new technology we can trace their acts and attacks. With high speed rapid cameras set in the forest areas and also motion tracker and sensors one could find the acts of the animals. These days scientists have gone a step ahead in using the transistors and smart watches, they were putting these to the animals and leaving them in herds. Their acts are being traced and the data which is being generated is very big and scientists are using some smart software and computer to analyse the data and come to a proper estimation.

Animals attacking humans – Horrible – Quick treatment – Face lift

So once you find a person or animal been attacked horribly you should provide them with a first aid. We have got some good advancements in the health and medical sector which could even recreate the skin which got tore. Plastic surgery, plasma re creation, skin grafting and many other technologies will help in recreating the lost skin.Even the domestic animals are prone to attack on their owners so please be cautious.

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