2nd time in a row LPU gets Trolled – Chutiyapan unleashed !! Meri Maggi – Lovely Unprofessional University By ScreenPatti


Some trolls should be considered as epic trolls. As Maggi is back into market Royally (Yeah we mean it) this is the write time to project this video before it is too late. These guys have made the fun out of Maggi in all possibly ways from using it as battery in remote controls to writing with it as pencil. So why all this chutiyapan ? many be you were aware that Maggi got banned due to MSG (lead) content in it. The girl diction and the reporter spontaneity is really appreciable. Well what more..?? The way they made fun of some universities is too much fun… You too watch this chuthiyapan for fun. Lol..!!