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Travel Tips for Solo Travelers


Have you ever traveled alone? 

The world is fully lashed up with lots of countries and Awesome Locations. Traveling solo helps you learn how to fend for yourself, talk to people, and handle unfamiliar situations easily. It can take some getting used to it if you have never done it before but do it at least once. Make yourself uncomfortable and surprise yourself. You will learn valuable life skills when you push yourself! 

You will know you are a savvy traveler only when you have had on-the-road experience. Have you ever missed buses, eaten something that made you sick, forgot your essential documents, behaved foolishly, etc. Then it is time you prepared yourself with the necessary checklist before you leave. 

Here are some quick, accessible travel tips that many overlook but are very important to follow. 

  • Travel light: 

Fit all your essentials in your cabin luggage (a minimum of 8 kg is allowed). This is convenient and timesaving. Roll your clothes to make space and try not to use hard case luggage. Try avoiding changing your outfits five times a day because you will have extra clothes in your luggage at the end of the trip. 

  • Make your itinerary: 

Though it is always convenient to plan your itinerary through a professional travel agency, it is better to plan the trip independently. You will not only get to know about the place beforehand but also enjoy your trip at your own pace instead of running across numerous tourist spots with your tour guide. You also get to save on that high-priced commission. 

  • Keep the map handy: 

Sometimes, the directions can get confusing, so keep the map with yourself. You can get one at their airports, stations or save it offline on Google maps. Locals are always not helpful. 

  • Identity proof: 

Always keep an extra copy of all your important documents like your passport, in case it gets misplaced, and always carry your student ID proof, as you can get access to discounts at several places. 

  • Local currency: 

Although using credit cards is cost-effective, some local places only accept cash. So, it is better to keep a minimum amount of their local currency in your pockets. 

  • Emergency kit: 

Do not forget to carry your emergency kit, including the first aid kit, sanitary essentials, medicines, and a sewing kit. Saviors always. 

  • Local language: 

“English is the universally accepted language”- YES, but that does not help you when you try to make our cab driver understand the location of your hotel in Thailand.  

  • Be safe: 

Not all you wander are lost, but still, be careful! Never get carried away with your wanderlust spirit and get yourself in trouble. 

Do not loiter in the unknown lonely streets late at night. 

Trying their local cuisine is a gastronomic delight but make sure to inform them about your food allergies. 

It is always good to interact with new people, but make sure not to share your details with them or accompany them to places you know nothing of. 

  • Let Someone at Home Know Your Plans 

It is essential to let someone at home know your plans when traveling solo. In case of any emergency, your family members know where you are. 

Bonus Tip: 

Try social media detox and rejuvenate yourself. Soak in the essence and beauty of that place and make it your own and keep a smart backpack for your travel purpose for a better feel. 


The world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only one page of the book. Nobody owns the world, so feel free to explore it. Tick those places off that bucket list and travel safely with no regrets. 



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