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Trap The Fruit Flies And Kill Them With These Simple Steps


With the high heat of summers, often you will find small flies and gnats hovering around the fresh fruits and vegetables. With an attachment towards the fragrant fruits and vegetables, these flies are the pesky invaders of your house.

The bounty of fresh summer products and the ripening stage of fruits attract these flies, and they find their way. These unwanted guests definitely know the tricks to overstay they’re welcome.

The Biology

Fruit flies or scientifically known as the Drosophila melanogaster, are often confused with fungus gnats, owing to their quite similar looks. The common feature includes their attraction towards rotting foods items where the fruit flies’ hovers around more ripened versions, and the latter prefers the rotten materials found in moist soil.

Fruit flies lay their eggs on the surface of the fermenting foods and organic materials. The reproduction rate is so high that it becomes very difficult to keep them at bay. The number tends to increase with the laying rate of around 500 eggs which is ridiculously high.

Preventive Measures

Fruit flies carry bacteria along with them. These bacteria won’t harm you much, but, will shorten the life of the fruits and organic products. So there are certain strategies that must be applied and keep them out of the home.

  1. Paper Funnel Method: This is one of the most effective home remedies. For this, you need a tall bottle with a narrow mouth. Inside the bottle, bait needs to be prepared with some sugary fruit and mixed with rotting pieces to attract a fruit fly. With paper, a narrow funnel needs to be made and placed it on top of the bottle with the narrow end towards the end and keep it overnight. Before removing the funnel, put some warm soapy water which will make it easy to discard the flies trapped inside the bottle.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Another home remedy that proved effective. For this, the same preparation needs to be done like the funnel method. Here, the core ingredient will be the use of apple cider vinegar and dishwasher. Dishwasher helps in reducing the surface tension and will eventually drown the flies, leaving no possible way to escape. Before discarding, some soapy warm water will make the procedure easy.

  1. Fruit Jar Trap: If you do not have a wine bottle, take any bottle, put some piece of rotten fruits and wrap it with a plastic paper as tight as possible. With the help of a fork, make few small incisions and place it in a humid environment overnight. Make sure to make the incisions in such a way that there is no room for escape. These will attract the flies and will eventually get trapped inside the bottle through the holes. Using a mixture of warm soapy water, simply discard it outside the house.
  1. Grandma’s Recipe: This is the oldest known recipe, and there has been no scientific explanation for that yet. But fruit flies tend to get attracted and eventually die. So for this, a mixture needs to be prepared with a combination of a pint of milk, two ounces of black pepper and a 1/4th pound of sugar. Boil it until the sugar dissolves completely. Place it in big bowls which will trap the flies.
  1. Apples and Cloves: For a fly free home, all you need to do is poke some 8-10 cloves in an apple and place it on the table. This acts as a repellant and keeps the flies away from the vicinity. This is a suitable means for picnic, outings or lawn parties.

  1. Phenol: Kerosene or phenol oil infested in areas where the fruit flies are predominant again acts as a repellant for those tiny beings. But care must be taken while applying and away from food items.
  1. Lemon Grass Spray: 10-12 drops of lemon grass in 10 ounces of water keeps the flies at bay. Very easy to use and also keep the home fresh and pleasant.
  1. Clean Drains: It is essential to keep the drains, basins regularly, sank clean and processed with soapy warm water or bleaching agents to get rid of the eggs and nests of these flies. Also, put on door and window screens to stop the pest from flying in.

Although there are certain chemicals that can also kill the fruit flies, using any form of home remedies is effective considering the hazardous aspect of using a chemical.



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