Top Weight Loss Exercises To Lose Weight At Home


Exercise is a perfect way to start off your day.  With regular exercise, you will feel stronger within yourself. It helps you out in terms of your motivation and confidence level. While most of the people do exercise to stay fit and healthy, we always tend to have a particular section of people who use them as the best exercise to reduce weight when it comes to avoiding putting on those extra pounds of weight through the food that they consume.

We are busy with our personal and professional lives to over such an extent that we fail to pay attention to our health. With the immense work pressure, we tend to miss out our regular routine and diet. In addition, this results in consuming of all junk and unhealthy food that is not good. So are you a victim of constant work pressure and unhealthy diet? Are you one of those who finds it difficult to go to the gym regularly and feel happy with that extra sleep you get? Then you should definitely read this to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps on how to lose weight at home. We are here to make your life easy and going with these fat burning weight loss exercises that you can try out during your routine as per your convenience to make sure that you are fit, flexible and healthy by losing the unwanted weight.

Now you should be wondering if the routine weight loss exercises at home are effective enough to lose weight when compared to the gym exercise. As per the recent survey conducted in U.S, the council took the sample data of 2500 participants out of 1000 used to do regular exercise for weight loss at home and the rest of gym. Based on their habits and behavior, it was studied that the people who opted to lose weight at home based physical activities were able to come up with flying colors compared to the participants who went to the gym. It was also observed that people who worked to lose weight at home showed interest to spare time for workouts and follow a healthy diet whereas the people who went for gym missed out the classes and consumed more food due to getting worked out completely.

How important is to have a routine when it comes to Exercise?

  • Read the below statistics about people’s fitness and come to a conclusion by yourself.
  • Only 5% in 10% of children are physically active.
  • Less percent of adults as low as 20% participate in a 30 minutes workout every day.
  • More percent of the elderly population is more active and physically fit when compared to the younger generations.
  • 80% of the overall population is not fit when it comes to aerobic and other body strengthening activities and the same goes with the adolescent’s category as well.
  • With the increasing technology, more people especially kids spend long hours before systems and T.V’s instead of indulging in physical activities.
  • More of disability cases are reported at hospitals compared to the previous year.
  • Most of them go for houses with smaller spaces due to many constraints. This restricts them from doing any kind of physical strengthening activity in order to weight loss exercise at home.


  • More than half percent of the child and adolescent population are overweight. This might lead to obesity in future.
  • Obesity has been increasing steadily from children. The more cases are found in adolescents between 12 to 19 years.

We are here to suggest you these amazing exercise for weight loss that you can try out at your home. They will help you to stay fit and at the same time improve your personality as well. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes a day to a handful of these activities to keep yourself healthy and strong. You can try out every day a couple of new ones that explain you on how to lose weight fast at home.

1. Inverted V shape exercise :

This is one of the best exercise to reduce weight that will help you in making your arms stronger and at the same time keeps your back fit and fine without any backaches. This can also help us in shaping up your butt. Place a mat on the floor and sleep flat with your face and stomach facing the matt. Now slowly raise your body and balance your body with your hand and toes. Spread your hands to get a better balance over here. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. At the start, you might find it difficult to balance yourself. But as you keep trying every day, you will be able to regain your body balance and stay for a longer duration in this particular position. With this exercise to reduce weight, you can see the improvements for yourself!!

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2. Leg exercise:

Are you one of those who is hefty when it comes to your lower part of the body? Have you tried out everything to lose weight and yet not getting the desired results? Then we suggest you try out this simple weight loss exercise that can work wonders when it comes to maintaining the correct body weight. Sleep flat on your back on the mat. Slowly raise your both the legs and keep them straight up in the air. Then spread your legs and get them down back to your initial position where you were flat on your back. Do this repeatedly for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This weight loss exercise will help in working out your legs and abs. It will help you to lose weight and at the same time, your legs and abs will look toned yet flexible.

3. Stomach exercise:

This exercises for weight loss can benefit you to reduce weight overall. With this, you will be able to reduce your tummy fat and at the same time it’s a good workout for your Abs, Thighs and lowers back as the exercise stresses on all these focal points of the body. In this exercises for weight loss, all you have to do is sleep flat on the ground. Now slowly raise your legs and arms. Hold your leg with the hands to balance out your position. Once you are able to balance yourself through your stomach remove your hand’s support to your legs. Do this repeatedly up and down. You might not master the art of balancing in the start but eventually, with time you will be able to do this exercise effortlessly and also lets you know how to reduce weight at home. You can do this exercise for a time span up to 30 seconds initially and then later increase the time to 60 seconds for effective results.

4. Leg Lift Jump

Know exercise to reduce fat with Leg Lift Jump, This is one of the effective exercises that can help you know how to lose weight fast at home. It helps in losing weight and also tone up your body. It will also make you flexible and help in gaining balance. So once you master this, you really don’t need to worry that you might fall when you are not having a proper grip to stand. In this exercise, stand straight and fold your left leg till your knee. Now in the same position balance yourself on the ground with the support of your arms. As you come up slowly moving your arms upwards, you need to jump and get back to your right foot. Go with the same leg until you get a better grip on yourself. You can prolong the exercise max to a time of 30 seconds.  Then start with the other leg and follow the same pattern.

5. Knee Push up exercise

This exercise might be easy for most of the people as it’s considered as a traditional form of exercise especially a good one on weight loss exercises for women. This exercise is one of the best weight loss exercises at home that can easily assist you in your complete body movement including your legs and arms.

Men can actually go for harder push-ups to lose weight while the women can start with Knee push-ups. This is one of the best exercises when it comes to weight loss exercises for women. Place yourself flat with your face and stomach towards the ground. Raise your body and balance it with your arms and legs. Slowly go up and down to complete a single push up. While doing the push-up, bring forward your right knee to your right elbow and vice versa.

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6. Leg rotating Exercise

This best exercise for weight loss is basically to strengthen the thighs and abs. It gives you better strength and balance along with flexibility. In this exercise, all you have to do is fold your hands first. This is to make sure that you can feel strong and concentrate on your legs. Lift your right leg and bend your leg at the knee. Now rotate your leg clockwise and anti-clockwise for 30 seconds. Once you are done with the right leg, lift your left leg up and bend it at the knee. Now rotate your other leg clock and anticlockwise. This makes your leg and thighs strong and at the same time helps in reducing weight as well.

7. Skipping

This weight loss exercise for women or men is a kind of activity that we all love to do right from our childhood as we never knew the importance of skipping as a physical activity. Skipping has always been a fun activity to compete in order to see who can do more skips without getting stuck with the rope. This is a perfect calorie burner when it comes to exercise to lose weight at home. You will be able to lose your tummy weight and at the same time, it’s a great workout for your thighs. You can start out slowly initially. Do a minimum of 50 based on your body weight.

If you are overweight, then go for a minimum of 25 skips in order to lose weight exercises at home.  People with a weight somewhere between 50 to75 pounds can easily complete the minimum requirements to stay fit and healthy. Also skipping is not only the best exercise to lose weight, if done at the right age it will help you grow in height as well. That’s the reason skipping is the most commonly recommended sports activity for kids and teenagers during their pass time

While the above exercises to reduce weight which is focused much on body movements, here are some exercises that can be of great help for you if you are willing to lose weight without losing much of your energy. They are more of exercises to lose weight especially stretching which makes you more flexible and keeps you fit on your toe. As the terms might sound very new to you, we are here to give you in detail description on each of these exercises for you to get adequate knowledge.

8. Glute Bridge

This is one of the easiest and comfortable exercises to lose weight.You should be wondering what is this Glute Bridge all about. Well then, we will tell you! The main intention of glute bridge is to lose

those extra pounds in your lower part of the body. The stretch moves here targets your back especially along with the waist and thighs. All that you have to do here is simple. Sleep flat on the mat with your knees in the bent position. Now slowly raise your lower back portion till the maximum point before your shoulders. Stay in the movement for a second and again come back on your back flat. Repeat the same exercise for weight loss at home again and again close to 30 seconds to 1 minute so that you will be able to get a better balance of your body and you will be able to control your body weight easily.


  • Glute Bridge help in strengthening your core muscles.
  • Helps in losing tummy fat and lets you know how to reduce weight fast at home.
  • Helps in body toning as well shapes up your butt
  • They help you deal with lower back pain and knee pain issues.
  • Helps in making your back stronger over a period of time and is strongly recommended exercises to reduce weight.

9. Alternating Lunge

This exercises to lose weight fast at home is considered one among the simplest cardio exercise if you want to go for. These exercises help to lose weight by focusing on all the parts of your body. While some exercises are specifically for the upper front or lower back, this exercise can help in reducing weight overall so that you can look toned and perfect. This is very simple one to try, so let’s see how it works. Stand straight on both your legs, get your right leg forward and bend the right knee. While you are in this position make sure that you left leg knee is bent as well  touching the

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ground. So follow the same with your left leg. When you bring your left leg forward, bend your knee while your right knee is bent and touching the ground. See the below image to get the complete picture of how of how to lose weight fast with exercise.Follow this technique for 30 seconds to 1 minute without taking any breaks in the interim.


  • This best exercise to lose weight fast keeps your legs toned.
  • You will be able to improve and develop your abdomen and lower back muscles.
  • Improves your body flexibility and strength.

10. Rotating T Extension

This is one of the exercises for weight loss in 7 days. Here, you will have to shape your body like the alphabet  “T” while doing the exercise. In this exercise, you will have to go up with the same poster like the inverted V shape exercise where you will be facing the mat with your arms raised and your legs raised. You have to balance yourself on your hands and toes. Once you are in this posture, all you have to do is raise your right hand up in the air and at the same time even turn yourself towards the side you are raising your hand. Once this is done, come back to the Inverted V posture and raise your left hand with your body turned left side. So in both these postures, you will be balancing your body with a single hand and leg.


  • You will be able to know how to burn fat at home much faster and at the same time look toned up.
  • Makes you flexible and helps in back and spine related issues.
  • Makes your muscles stronger especially your abdomen muscles.

11. Skater Hops

The fast weight loss exercises at home are termed as “skater Hops “ as the posture over here is very much similar to the posture that we do while skating. The only difference is that this follows a left and right pattern with a jump. All you have to do here is sit with your left knee bent free to the air and your right knee in a bent position facing the ground. Simultaneously, raise your left arms and place them on your left folded thighs in a bent posture with the fist closed. While your left arm is pretty much in your control, keep your right hand free by stretching it straight in the air towards the right side with the fist closed. When you are moving towards your right, balance your body with the right leg and hip dominating the right side. The same is vice versa for left.


The exercise mainly helps you in losing weight at home when it comes to the lower part of the body and corrects your imbalance strengthening of your legs.

Choose how to lose weight at home that can be easily performed by you based on your comfort. Don’t overwork yourself with the ones that make you tiring and exhausted.  Pick the simple ones and make sure to spare 5 minutes every day to maintain a regular routine when it comes to your daily exercises. This will help let you know how to how to reduce weight at home and at the same time keeps you healthy. As per the recent stats, it was observed that more of the doctors suggested going for exercises as the risk of getting heart-related issues can be greatly reduced. Along with this you need to go with a healthy diet as lose weight exercise alone won’t work if you really want to lose weight You need to have the required amount of calories in order to carry out these fast weight loss exercises as food is the only source of energy to our human body.