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Top ten places in India to visit in 2022: Go India


The Lockdown period was tough for everyone. Staying in the house 24 by 7 is not everybody’s cup tea. Yet, rules are rules. However, post pandemic period has brough new freshness. IsWith the year about to end everyone is planning at least one outing or vacation. So here are the top ten places in India to visit in 2021.


Art, Architecture, rich history, spices and food hub are all the many adjectives of Mysore. One of the prominent town in South India it is especially known for it’s magnificent Mysore Palace, Devraja Market and many more places of attraction.


The Golden Temple of Amritsar is flocked with tourists from all parts of country normally this time of the year. Under the influence of pandemic there are some strict rules to control crowd. Yet, one must visit this place following all norms.


This place is in the bucket list of almost all Indians traveller or not. It is like a Medina for travel bloggers. The area is unlike anything seen in the other parts of the country. You get a glimpse of it in many movies.


This is one of the most sought destination of Indians yet we all know the plan never work. After seeing the worst in 2020, let’s hope that your group will stick to the plan. Goan beaches are an international tourist destination and due to the Western influence it is a remarkable state.


The Capital is one of the finest cities for architecture enthusiasts and foodies. Post lockdown, the popular food joints are taking care to maintain the hygiene without taking a toll on the taste of the food.

Ajanta Ellora Caves.

If history and mystery mesmerizes you, then you should definitely visit Ajanta Ellora Caves. These shrines are 1500 years old. The painting and murals have seen the golden times.


The most eccentric city of India. Varanasi is a traditional hippie and religious town of India. The ghats are endless and you will see the raw Desi of India here. Plus, the food is world famous. It is place for the philosopher in you. It is called as the City of Temples. Whether you are a believer or not. You must visit Varanasi.


One of the most greenest state in India. Kerala is known for its backwaters, majestic coconut plantations and cozy boats. If you want to loosen the stress muscles then Kerala is your one stop destination for refreshments and relaxation.


Of course, the city of Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the world. The golden town of the Mughal Sultanate is a perfect place for shoppers and photographers. Every street, corner and nook is perfect for a photowalk.


Wanna experience Royalty? Visit the dessert state of India. Rajasthan is the birth place of many heroic kings and the entire Rajputana Lineage has left behind countless of tokens that showcase the golden period and the fichness if Indian history and art. You will require more than a month to properly explore Rajasthan.

So these are the top ten places in India to visit in 2021. Although, for everyone’s benefit, please follow the norms of Covid-19 while you explore.



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