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Top Ten Best World Leaders


The world is ever-changing and new leaders take birth every day. However, the leaders are more like reformists that play an important role in shaping the norms of the society. Those people that are born with a flair and stability to bring changes in the world and the society are identified as leaders. The charisma of the great leaders is cherished for many years although each one of them has a different way in which they have tried to reform the society.

Let us have a glimpse of some of the best world leaders of all time.

#10. Alexander

He is better known as the man who conquered the world with his strong abilities and thinking. Alexander was born in 356 B.B. and at the tender age of thirty three, he became the ruler of one of the largest empire from Greece through Egypt to India. He remained undefeated in the many battles that he fought and played a major role in unifying the city states of Greece.

#9. Julius Caesar

He was a military commander of the Roman Empire and played a crucial role in the formation of the Roman Empire that was much opposed to the Republic of Rome. Julius Caesar was born with extraordinary abilities of planning the best strategies for expansion of the Roman Empire with his knowledge of politics.

#8. Asoka

Asoka was a great leader and the king of the Mauryan Empire. He had invaded the Indian subcontinent many times and started ruling a major part of this country. Originally known as a ruthless king, the Battle of Kalinga changed his mind completely and he became a reformist later and preached Buddhism in different parts of the world.

#7. Napolean Bonaparte

Known to the world as the unconquered leader and the greatest military leader from France, he was not conversant with losing battles and was rather proficient as one of the greatest conquerors of all times. His military leadership and the commanding techniques had won over the world.

#6. Winston Churchill

He was the Prime Minister of Britain during World War II and played a crucial role in motivating people to fight against the Nazis. His perseverance, determination and devotion towards the country was still cherished by the modern man.

#5. Adolf Hitler

Although this man has earned feelings of hatred from the people of his nation for mass assassination of Jews during his reign as the Chancellor of Germany, he has extraordinary leadership skills and motivated the people of this country to form the Nazi group.

#4. Franklin D. Roosevelt

With his strong leadership skills, this man had made America survive during the most challenging phases such as the Great Depression. Affected with polio at a very young age, this man went on to become the President of the United States and was elected for four consecutive periods. His political knowledge and yearning to reform his country is recognised until the present times.

#3. Abraham Lincoln

This man was the 16th President of the United States and had the skills to run a country during the worst phases. With a bid to reform America forever, this man had a vision of his own and played an important role in abolishing slavery from this country.

#2. Nelson Mandela

The first President of South Africa who was elected through democratic elections and has a great role in the anti-apartheid movement in his country and also fought against the discrimination and the racist attitude of the government. He served a long time in prison and was awarded the Noble Prize for Peace. His will-power, determination and focus earned him accolades across the globe. South Africa became an independent nation during his time.

#1. Mahatma Gandhi

Born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, this man became one of the greatest leaders during the Movement of Independence in India. He had spearheaded several policies during the British Rule and was known for his principle of Ahimsa or non-violence for which he became of the greatest leaders of his time.

Great leaders from the past

These great leaders came to be known as the greatest men born on this earth and tried to change the society in more ways than one. Their contribution to lead the world towards better made them true leaders that represented their country with their policies and is remembered till today for their contribution to the world.



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